Failed 2020 Candidate OPENS FIRE On Trump

She’s one to talk…

Recently on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) claimed that she was sick having to wait for President Trump to take charge and lead during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Anderson Copper said, “I hesitate to even lead with asking you about the president threatening to unilaterally adjourn by chambers of Congress because it seems like such an obvious distraction to keep people from focusing on his own failures, but he is the president and this is his threat. What do you make of that?”

Harris replied, “Well, Anderson, you’re quite right. He is doing it on purpose, so this would be the lead question to deflect from the fact that he has failed to be a leader during a pandemic, an economic crisis facing our country. I think we have to stop waiting for him to act like a president and just move on and talk about what is happening in states. What is happening with local leaders around the need to address the pain that Americans are feeling every day? It’s a distraction. He’s doing this as a way to distract us from the topic at hand. Let’s talk about the topic at hand. Checks are starting to be cut by the Treasury Department. I’m sending a letter with others of my colleagues to demand and request that Secretary Mnuchin make it clear that debt collectors cannot take those checks because those checks are going to start flowing.”

Adding, “These are the issues at hand. We have had an abject failure of leadership from Donald Trump, and I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for him to act like a president or be a president. He doesn’t know how to do the job.” You can watch a clip of Harris’ comments here.

Image credit: San Francisco Chronicle

  1. Well since she couldn’t sleep with enough donor boners ,and she’ll be a little long in the tooth next primary so much for Kamala mattress-back Harris …Only senator who thinks the minority whip is a sex-toy and was asking about the safeword

  2. This corrupt evil woman shouldn’t complain. She is a sick, insane idiot with no brains. Is as corrupt as can be.

  3. Cooper is a founding member of the FAIRYTALE NEWS, Harris dropped out of the Presidential race when she found out she could not use sex to get her in the White House. So I would not trust either with my life if telling the TRUTH would keep me alive. The Democraps are the reason for America’s current state.

  4. Kamala Harris is just an angry woman with little substance and her theatrics in the Congressional hearings showed the level of leadership qualities of which there were none. Disgusting condescending woman in all categories and Thank You for the congressional hearings as you see the faces and character of these politicians and who and what they really are.

  5. I received a great piece of advice back in the early 1980’s. It was, “ Don’t ever let the urgent take the place of the important.” The Democrats have been using “tunnel vision” to focus on their preferred topical narrative, shutting out the bigger picture. Our President has wisely assembled information from numerous sources, in order to see “the big picture,” and make well-informed decisions. Kamala Harris claims that he “is distracting us from THE TOPIC AT HAND.” It is evil and destructive to pretend that the Dem’s favorite subject is THE ONLY TOPIC to importantly matter. The Dem’s first claimed that blocking travel from China was “racist, and xenophobic.” President Trump REDUCED HARMS to the U.S. by blocking that travel. LATER, the Dem’s said that Trump “did not act soon enough.” Now, reopening our country is needed to curtail bankruptcies, starvation, loss of immunities by people not being out in public, domestic abuse by breadwinners frustrated by being confined away from earning a living, severe depression by people not able to see a near-time relief from isolation, etc., with the ability to cause many more deaths than this virus. Even poor accessibility of toilet paper has become a problem !!! The COVID-19 problem has been urgent, granted, but the BIG PICTURE includes much more than that. Politics have been being used by Democrats to OBSCURE the overview, of very great needs. Only an overall plan could steer America toward the greater good, by not having our vision only on that tunnel-view favored by the leftists. Many basic freedoms of Americans have been wrongfully constricted, which is another step toward putting us under tyrannies similar to those which our founding fathers escaped through their sacrifices – sacrifices they voluntarily made for the greater good of their descendants !!! President Trump absolutely HAS been leading America toward the greater good, notwithstanding the tunnel-vision of Democrats.

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