Facebook Deals Rare Blow To Democrats

In a rare instance that feels like a fluke, Facebook is for once taking a stand against its Democratic overlords.

The rebellion comes as a result of a now viral video that had been doctored to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appear drunk and struggling with her words. 

CNN’s Anderson Cooper attempted to put pressure on the social media giant by grilling Facebook’s head of global policy management, Monika Bickert.

“In the wake of the 2016 election, obviously, Facebook has repeatedly told Congress and the American people that you’re serious about fighting disinformation and fake news, yet this doctored video that I think your own fact checkers acknowledged is doctored of Speaker Pelosi remains on your platform. Why?” Cooper asked.

“Anybody who is seeing this video in news feed, anyone who is going to share it to somebody else, anybody who has shared it in the past, they are being alerted that this video is false,” Bickert replied.

“And this is part of the way that we deal with misinformation,” she continued. “We work with internationally certified fact-checking organizations that are independent from Facebook, and we think these are the right organizations to be making decisions about whether something is true or false.”

Less than happy to hear it, Cooper persisted, “Why keep it up though?”

“We think it’s important for people to make their own informed choice about what to believe,” said Bickert who had also noted that Facebook doesn’t have “a policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true.”

  1. Don’t count on anything Facebook does. Just trying to show that they can pick on Democrat. It won’t last. Still banning people for stating the facts.

  2. You do mot need a video to make Her look drunk, high, or both and she dose have trouble putting a coherent statement together. Theres your facts.

  3. I wouldn’t trust Facebook as far as I can throw them they continued do not show feeds that I put on showing how criminal the Democrats are as far as pelosi goes there have been multiple times she’s been drunk I don’t believe that this has been doctored either we have seen multiple times that she can’t even pronounce words or she forgets this is been going on for years and tell me this why is she just been found out she spends more alcohol than any other person in the government fact check that

  4. Oh this is hilarious CNN lecturing FB about posting fake news ,if this isn’t a case of the Kettle calling the Pot Black then I don’t know what is,…..LOL

  5. The fact is that this video was only half Doctored the word slips happened some in several speeches and if they happened the Video is only pointing that out. She has repeatedly slurred her Words, lost her train of thought and steered off on tangents that had nothing to do with the particular Interview she was giving. She has even done so while speaking on the Floor of The House in the capacity as Speaker of the House, she has no business being in the line of secession and the So called argument of inability to serve due to Illness, or dealing with Mental incapacity should also cover her.

  6. The Fact Checks are 99% Liberal liars. Face Book and Google are state run, and the state is Blue. I believe nothing the FB liars say. If only we had a real Conservative alternative, FF could go straight to hell with the Demorats.

    1. There is one check out Parler it is the conservative alternative to Twitter and is growing quickly.

  7. How about putting something positive about Our President,like how he redid the ice rink at his expense in Manhattan when the city tried 3 times and failed,or how he lets a homeless old lady stay at his hotel and gives her free maid service,laundry and meals,or how he sent his plane to fly a sick baby to a hospital in another state to have a special surgery.And put up another family who had a fire at their house and let them stay until they could move back in their house.Someone else would buckle if they had to deal with all the crap he is dealt,and when he calls them out it is because they called him out first.we all would do the same thing.

    1. 1. Donald Trump kept the Harlem Hoops project alive after learning the man who ran the program was killed during September 11th terrorist attack! The program gives urban youths a safe place to play basketball while instilling a positive influence in their lives.
      2. When no commercial carrier was willing to fly a critically ill little boy from California to New York for medical treatment, Trump offered up his private jet to the family. The little boy’s medical care needs during the flight and space for necessary equipment were completely accommodated on Trump’s airplane.
      3. When Ed McMahon was losing his home, Donald Trump stepped in to save the property from going into foreclosure. Trump then allowed McMahon to go on living in his home.
      4. Donald Trump saved an ice skating rink in Central Park after the city planners in charge went grossly over budget and were not going to be able to open the rink for the Christmas season. Trump finished the project on his own dime and then operated the rink at his own expense for a year and donated all of the profits to charity.
      5.Trump partnered up with Mel Farr and offered the opportunity for urban Detroit artists to appear at Carnegie Hall. The young artists would never have had such an opportunity to showcase their work without Trump serving as their benefactor.
      6. After learning about a Buffalo bus driver stopping to help a woman attempting to jump off a bridge and kill herself, he tracked down the hero who talked the woman down. Trump gave the man a $10,000 check as a show of gratitude for the act of human kindness he felt should serve as an example to us all.
      7. A married couple noticed a limo on the side of the road that had a flat tire. The husband pulled the car over and fixed the tire. The limo belonged to Trump, who thanked the man and asked him how he could repay him for his kind gift. The man suggested sending his wife a bouquet of flowers. Trump agreed, when the flowers arrived several weeks later, there was a note included that said, We’ve paid off your mortgage.
      8. Donald Trump paid to ensure that a Mexican American boy would graduate from college when he saw a news story about his terminally ill mother.
      9. Donald Trump broke the glass ceiling for women in the construction business. In 1980, he hired 33-year-old Barbara Res to head up a NYC skyscraper project as the site manager of the building.
      10. He also once sent his personal airplane to rescue 30 stranded Marines!
      In addition to all of these good deeds performed by Donald, now President Trump’s crowning achievement as a civilian in my opinion was sending Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi money to get back on his feet after he was released from a Mexican jail plus paying all of his legal fees!

        1. Roger you hit the nail right in the head these news people CNN, Facebook, Google, New York Times all put out fake new for there benefit. They are all liberals. As far as the house and the senate they don’t want the swamp cleaned out it would cut off all their money coming from lobbyist that BUY them. TRUMP is making things better and they can’t handle it.

  8. This woman probably was inebriated. I personally think she’s a closet alcoholic. I did read when she was speaker last time that she wanted the taxpayers to pay for stocking her liquor on her personal jet that we also paid for. She is a arrogant condescending elitist.

  9. So they are trying to say Nancy doesn’t slur her speeches , horse picky, she’s a known alcoholic Ivebeen around drunks in the family all my life, and you learn over the years to tell who’s drunk and who’s not really easy ! Nancy Pelosi your drunk again , sit down a shut up !!!!!

  10. Too funny😂! Anderson Cooper and CNN who put out more false information then any other media source is complaining!😂😂 Can’t wait for AT&T to complete its restructuring of CNN. Jeff Zucker and the rest of the circus of commentators, reporters & pundits will all be gone. Maybe AT&T can salvage this disaster of a propaganda source!


  12. Facebook doesn’t have “a policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true.”
    If they did liberals wouldn’t have anything to post!

  13. Wait, wasn’t it CNN that doctored the Charlottesville video of Trump making it look like he said there were good white supremacists when if you see the whole video it is quite clear he was not talking about them?!
    CNN complaining about someone, not fact checking or deleting Fake News is Ironic, but they are so indoctrinated in their own fake self-righteousness they can’t even see how fake they are or how hypocritical.

    1. lzib hit the nail on the head right there. And Lord knows there is enough real-time video on every single news outlet to prove what is being said about Pelosi. Nobody has to ‘fake’ anything. She’s just that bad.

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