Dr. Fauci LIED To A Senator’s Face About This

Anthony Fauci hasn’t been on the news so much lately, and it looks like the Biden Administration has put him to one side for a while.

It turns out that he’s been doing some dodgy research – and lying about it too.

The biggest turn for Fauci involves 3 little words: Gain of Function.

It was this past week when the “gain of function” dots were publicly connected to the good doctor.

This is nothing new for those of us on the right. Here on Revolver, we’ve covered Fauci’s gain of function research extensively… and the evidence against him is very damning.

A couple of months ago Fox News Host Steve Hilton blew the lid off of Fauci’s macabre obsession (and funding) of research involving the manipulation of highly contagious viruses.

Hilton laid the groundwork, but it was Senator Rand Paul who called out Fauci and his ghoulish research face to face during a Senate hearing.

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Here’s the clip of Paul questioning Fauci:

Fauci was clearly on the spot there.

And here’s the revelation that allowed Rand Paul to expose Fauci as a liar after questioning him:

Now it seems Fauci has gone off the radar.

He even avoided talking about the new guidance on masks issued by the CDC.

Yes indeed, you’d think that Fauci would have been front and center to discuss the CDC’s new guidelines the moment the news hit. The “Golden Boy” taking yet another victory lap. After all, Fauci never misses a moment in the spotlight. But he was not hitting the airwaves with the typical fanfare.

Revolver News

Here’s one theory:

Looks like we’ll discover the fate of Fauci as the next few weeks unfold…

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