Donald Trump Jr. DESTROYS Avennati

He’s going to have a hard time recovering from that one…

Donald Trump Jr. trolled Michael Avenatti, sharing a photo on social media of himself with the befallen lawyer’s ex-wife at a recent event.

“Hey Creepy Porn Lawyer, appreciate you flagging this,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter with a photo posing with Lisa Storie at a joint event for the Lincoln Club of Orange County and the New Majority. “By the way, really enjoyed meeting your ex wife at my speech last night. It was a packed house unlike your presser.”

The president’s eldest son shared the photo in response to Avenatti lashing out at him for mocking a poorly attended press conference held by the disgraced lawyer.

  1. Avenatti clearly has some major mental issues. He really believes in his own twisted mind that he is/was some kind of a rockstar especially when the corrupt biased lying fake news media used him as a weapon against President Trump but has dropped him like a hot potato. Avenatti better buckle up because when he gets to prison the men in the prison will wipe all that arrogance and obnoxiousness right out of him.

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