Don Jr. HITS Biden Like NEVER Before

Biden is going to have to reassess his 2020 plans after this…

Donald Trump Jr. spoke to the massive crowd at his father’s reelection rally in Orlando and ripped Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden for getting nothing accomplished, including finding a cure for cancer.

“I hear brilliant guys like Joe Biden,” Trump said. “He gets up on the stump – it’s so stupid – to his group of about four people in the audience. ‘The government has failed you.’”

“Usually he’s groping someone. It ain’t pretty, but there’s something off with that guy,” Trump continued.

“But ‘government has failed you.’ I go, ‘Wait a second, Joe. I actually agree with you.’ Government has failed them,” he explained.

“The problem is, Joe, you’ve been in government for almost 50 years,” he continued. “If government failed you, maybe you’re the problem, Joe Biden.”

Trump said it is “not rocket science” and subsequently took aim at Biden’s promise to find the cure for cancer.

“I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re gonna see the single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden told supporters in Ottumwa last week.

“Wow. Why the hell didn’t you do that over the last 50 years, Joe?” Trump asked.

Trump also took a jab at Biden’s “beautiful friends” in the media for taking leftist talking points and publishing them as fact.

“No one even questioned him,” he added.

  1. We need term limits, two terms in the House and one four year term in the Senate and you cannot go from one house to the other but you can run for President. We should not have career politicians they are the problem! NO RETIREMENT pay! That will stop the corruption!

    1. Yes yes & yes! I’m still waiting for Trump to say anything Presidential instead of his usual LYING BULLSHIT & non stop FAKENEWS! OMG enough about Hillary because it’s laughable now.😂😂 Let’s talk Mueller’s Report that Clearly states Trump did Obstruct Justice! LOSER & a LIAR is Trump! Say goodbye now bc he won’t be around much longer!

      1. Well get used to him because he WILL be around for a 2nd term,now go to your closet and continue your a temper tantrum for as long as you please so us adults can get on with our lives,and get some help for your TDS.

      2. Andrea!! – where have been the last oh…20+ yrs?! The Clinton CRIME SYNDICATE…know Nothing about them?! – holdings!!-single-handedly “KILLED” 80+ People..!!!
        AND as of Yesterday!??? – ANOTHER person WENT MISSING!!! – he was very close to holdings, from The CLINTON FOUNDATION…. I am “sure” he committed “SUICIDE!! – as All before him..but somehow! – used the WRONG HAND to “Shoot”/kill himself!! – as did so many, before this guy from , TWO days ago when he was in the News!! – AND Now he VANISHED…
        Actually, surprised that Bill C is still alive..After All, .he served his purpose…

      3. Please help me understand by quoting the Mueller report where it clearly states Trump obstructed justice. I’ve read it and don’t come to the same conclusion as you.

    2. Another BIG problem is allowing people who are holding office to run for another office, they are ignoring their job while collecting the pay and if they fail in their bid, they just sit back and nothing changes, CRAP, they should have to resign before launching a campaign. We would see a lot less wanna be’s in the race!

      1. John J , That was a real cheap SHOT at PRESIDENT TRUMP.. You COMMIES are all alike you don’t understand
        Eight Years of O’BUTTHEAD you have the guts to say CRAP like that. WAKE-UP ! BOY and see what’s around you before you open your mouth or post anything on this website..

        1. Ron What the hell are you talking about ? maybe you should reread his statement because you obviously misunderstood what John was talking about, I believe John was referring to all the Dems running for Pres who are still collecting their Congressional pay while campaigning and shirking their Congressional duties and then when they lose they go back to their jobs in Congress as if nothing has changed,his post said nothing about Pres Trump.

    3. The ONLY bad thing is these DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS think that the Country owns them a living the rest of their DEPLORABLE LIFE.. Half of the RHINOS could not live on the OUTSIDE if they were made to RESIGN, of be IMPEACHED for all of their CORRUPT ways..

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