DNC Chair Says Trump’s Speech Cheapened Oval Office

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez recently claimed on MSNBC that President Trump’s speech on immigration and border security “cheapens the Oval Office.”

Perez stated, “We take security seriously inside the United States or at our borders, and you look at what President Obama and others did to fortify border security. But we believe in being smart on border security. Being smart on border security means investing in the necessary technologies. You know, building a wall is a Monty Python, medieval approach to this.”

He continued, “We should be investing in the necessary technologies, the necessary partnerships, countering violent extremism, and what we should be doing in the short term is making sure that we understand, that a lot of the people who do bad things, they come in through airports, and right now you have TSA agents working and not getting paid. When you’re not getting paid, and you’re wondering where your next paycheck will be, you’re distracted. This made-up crisis at the border is having huge consequences for workers who do critical work for our country. That is very dangerous.”

adding, “That sounded more like a campaign speech from the Oval Office, and frankly, it cheapens the Oval Office.”

Does Tom Perez have any justification in these statements or is he just trying to incite more hate for President Trump?

  1. Perez was spewing lies with his dirty mouth, stating that they are serious about security. Yah sure, like the SM 13 right? Were did they came from? I guess true Obumer’s wall? They are creating all these issues in order to force President Trump to make amistake by pressuring him. People needs to see this. Just take a good look to Venezuela, and THAT IS WHAT AMERICS WILL GET IF WE DON’T WAKE UP AND SEND THESE PEOPLE A MESSAGE.

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