DHS Secretary Makes Nonsensical Comment, Won’t Answer Questions Properly

Joe Biden’s DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, doesn’t seem to make much sense when he talks.

He was recently questioned during two hearings and no useful information was shared.

It was mostly weasel words.

Homeland defense secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced two Hill hearings May 26, yet GOP legislators failed to extract any information that would help recognize his campaign to open Americans’ national borders to myriad migrants from all over the world.

In both hearings, Mayorkas easily distracted GOP legislators with promises of subsequent information and with strings of poll-tested adjectives that obscured his policy of letting many economic migrants flood into Americans’ workplaces and housing markets.

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That was absurd enough – a Secretary of the federal government should not be evading questions in this way.

But one of his next comments defied reality completely, and made zero sense.

“I’m deeply troubled,” said Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) as he started his morning statement. He then asked:

The Washington Post states the agency’s 6,000 officers currently average one arrest every two months. One arrest every two months! My first question, sir. Is that an accurate statistic? And is that the intended outcome of the various orders and directives, a near stop of all immigration violation arrests?

“That is a data point with which I am completely unfamiliar,” Mayorkas responded to the question about the widely-read Washington Post article.

Mayorkas’ continued his evasive answer by changing the subject, saying,  “Law enforcement effectiveness is not a quantitative issue. It is a qualitative one. The question is … what will deliver the greatest public safety results for the American public? And that is what I am focused on.”

“The border is closed,” he told Fleischmann.

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This is a lie, and it’s hard to know whether Mayorkas knew that or whether he really believes the border is closed.

Either way, it’s not the right answer.

This is an idea of what’s actually happening at the border.

“The administration continues to insist that the border is secure,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) in her afternoon statement, adding:

The facts on the ground that I just described apparently are not viewed [by the administration] as a security or law enforcement challenge, but a mere logistical challenge in processing migrants who arrive with no legal claim to enter the United States. Additionally, ICE apprehensions and deportations have plummeted, and more criminal aliens are on the streets.

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But Mayorkas refused to see reason and kept making broad statements like these:

“We will be smart and effective, and we will also be humane” to migrants, he said., without acknowledging the huge economic redistribution and civic cost imposed by President Joe Biden’s policy of extracting consumers and cheap labor from poor countries.

“We are working tirelessly to rebuild our immigration system and into one that upholds our nation’s laws, and is fair, equitable, and reflects our values,” he said, without mentioning his legal and civic duty to protect Americans’ right to their national labor market.

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Makes you wonder what the point is in asking officials like Mayorkas any questions at all.

Even when legislators attempted to pin him down, he kept evading.

When asked about the flood of migrants seeking asylum status, Mayorkas shifted the focus by promising to “bring greater efficiency to the process, and shrink considerably that time between apprehension and final adjudication.” But he said nothing about how many migrants could use the more efficient process to get into the United States to ask for asylum, or if an efficient system would grant asylum to people because of commonplace poverty and ethnic discrimination, or because of unprovable claims of domestic abuse or criminal violence.

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But there was more that Republicans could have done, despite his unwillingness to co-operate.

This Senator let him off the hook.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) asked, “Mr. Secretary, what commitments will you give us that any funding allocated to your department for border security and immigration enforcement will be used on proven and logical solutions to re-secure our borders and discourage this dangerous influx of migrants?”

He replied, “Senator, you have 100 percent commitment from me that the funding we will receive and are privileged to receive will be used in the smartest and most effective way securing our border and enforcing the immigration laws of this country.”

But Mayorkas had already claimed to Rep. Fleischmann the “border is closed” and that he was unfamiliar with the Washington Post data.

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Republicans need to get tough, and fast. Otherwise they’ll keep getting bad answers.

And the answers Mayorkas gave were most certainly bad.

In reality, Mayorkas’s “closed” border was crossed by roughly 40,000 “got-aways” in April, plus at least 40,000 migrants that Mayorkas allowed into the U.S. Mayorkas enforced immigration law in May by admitting up to 7,000 “vulnerable” people per month through the Title 42 barrier and approving Temporary Protected Status (TPS) work permits for 150,000 Haitian migrants.

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RINOs like Lisa Murkowski gave no pushback at all.

Some GOP legislators simply asked Mayorkas for favors. “We’ve got a lot of fish, but we don’t have a lot of workers,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). “You kept your promise and delivered [H-2B visa workers] in advance of a significant date which I appreciate.”

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What all this shows is that Democrats will avoid telling the truth, and RINOs will allow them to avoid telling the truth.

This comfortable situation needs to be disrupted so that Americans actually get real answers, not scripted responses.

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  1. Mayorkas is not an intelligent man.He is not known for anything good,just a typical California politician

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