Desperate MSNBC Pulls Race Card In RIDICULOUS Fashion

This is the fastest MSNBC pulled the race card…

On “MSNBC Live,” anchor Stephanie Ruhle and GOP pollster Chris Wilson discussed the 2020 presidential race.

Wilson said independents would be more likely to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden than Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Ruhle then asked Wilson why not Harris, saying it sounds to her like it is because “she’s too black.”

Wilson called Ruhle’s comment “absurd,” then shamed her for bringing up skin color when he was saying Harris is “too far left.”

Partial transcript as follows:

WILSON: If Joe Biden were the nominee they might be able to vote for him, but they’re going to be able to vote for an Elizabeth Warren or a Kamala Harris or a Bernie Sanders. And so, what Amash may do is give them a siphon.

RUHLE: Why not a Kamala Harris?

WILSON: Just because she’s a little too far left.

RUHLE: In what policy?

WILSON: Oh my gosh, where do you want me to start?

RUHLE: Well, tell me, because it sounds like it’s more just she’s too black.

WILSON: OK, no. I mean, that’s absurd, Stephanie — to go there. … Bernie Sanders is too old, why didn’t you go there first?

RUHLE: But I get the Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. I just want to understand —

WILSON: You think there’s that much separation ideologically between the three of them? I mentioned them because they are the three front-runners. … If you want me to go through each one of Kamala Harris’ position. But she took positions against private insurance, which most Americans are against. She took the position for open borders —

RUHLE: She then rolled that back.

WILSON: She may roll it up again if she starts to drop in the polls. The fact is to make that comparison is because of the color of her skin is really a little bit too 1960 for my taste. And it’s not a fair statement.

  1. Stephanie Ruhle, I had to look her up because I assumed she was black. I was wrong, she is just another stupid white woman who is probably a black lives matter supporter. Thus, she is a racist.

  2. So what’s new ? They pull the race card all the time. Ruhle? She can not even stand up for her own race. This woman is so dumb down it’s not funny. MSNBC is total disgrace to real journalists.

  3. She won’t even take a stand on what she truly supports. She is still trying to make a Stand depending on what pops the Poll rating up. She’ll bounce ideas out and the high poll winners will be her stance for her campaign. If she were to get in she will then act on her true agenda which would never have gotten her in office.

  4. Amazing how easily the leftists can display their own bigotry, then try to justify it by accusing others of their own frailty. I am ever hopeful every citizen sees what I do in them.

  5. Kamala’s Too Black?! Seriously? No, she may have some black blood dear but she is as white liberal as Ruhle is lol. In case she did not know apparently the Black community calls her Kamelian Kamala because her color changes depending on her audience- put her in front of a bunch of Indian-Americans and her New Deli roots come out- put her in front of the Black Community and suddenly she is descended from slaves- NOT American slavery sorry, and her white husband and children live with her in their nice white neighborhood.

    Sorry but she still needs to work on that Black cred if she wants them to support her. But she may want to figure out how to explain to them why she supports – then doesn’t support- then supports- Open Borders and giving freebies to Illegal Aliens when illegal immigration harms the Black Community MOST OF ALL!!!

    Of course, I am sure – next week she will roll it back again- at least until the following week- who knows maybe if shes luck primary voting day will fall on a week she isn’t supporting open borders and can tell the African Americans she is on their side- this week!

  6. How about that she slept her way to the top? That she is a whore? How about that her family owned and horribly mistreated slaves? How about because she is a s thinskinned as any racebaiter? How about because her father says she isn’t qualified? How about because she is a communist? How about because she has lied about her record? How about because the actual record she has is ghastly? How about because that “little girl was me” was a lie? How about because she intends, if getting her hands on the levers of power, to turn them over to soros? There are uncountable reasons to put her in prison, not power.

  7. Exactly on Harris and her color, who cares at this point, that is the WAY IT WAS IN THE SIXTIES.
    Now you need to be educated an centered, not overly radical either.

    Harris is very sheisty.

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