DESPERATE Mayor Points Blame At Others

Things are getting really bad…

During a recent interview with CNN, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pointed the blame at others and said Chicago’s ultra-high gun violence rates were caused by other stated having virtually no gun control.

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “President Trump said he had a great talk with you and suggested that if he had his way, he would flood the city of Chicago with federal law enforcement. I want to play some sound from him and get your reaction. Take a listen.”

On the video, Trump stated, “We could solve it. If they invited us in, we’d go in with 50,000, 75,000 people. We would be able to solve it like you wouldn’t believe and quick. But they just don’t want to ask. Maybe for political reasons, but they don’t want to ask. It’s a disgrace.”

Tapper then said, “What’s your response, madame mayor?”

Lightfoot replied, “That’s classic Trump hyperbole. I sent him a letter on Monday outlining the very specific things that the federal government is unqualified to help with starting with common-sense gun control. The fact of the matter is our gun problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns on the street. 60% of which, 60% of which come from states outside of Illinois. We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons. That is hurting cities like Chicago. That is the thing that if the president wanted to help and the other things I identified in my letter he could do today, tomorrow, but he is not really interested in helping in that way.”

You can watch a clip of Lightfoot’s comments here.

Image credit: ABC7 Chicago

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  1. That is what the DemocRATS do, they never take responsibility if it is negative but when it is positive 24/7 on all their news channels! Remember Trump has been trying to help these incompetent fools for.months. Their cities look like 3rd world countries! The problem is the voters, they have been voting in these incompetent DemocRAztS for over 70 years!

  2. Of course she blames others, all the Democrazies do. Can’t take responsibility for their own faults. I blame the people of those cities for electing these idiots in the first place, and then re-electing them. What a shame to ruin nice cities. Dumb a$$es.

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