Democrats LOSE IT After Republican Says THIS

It seems like Democrats just want to watch America burn.

Recently on Fox’s “Your World,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) weighed in on the decision of protecting Americans from coronavirus and restarting the economy.

According to Breitbart, Kennedy insisted there was a “moral imperative” to do both.

We can do both, and by both, I mean save lives and save jobs,” Kennedy stated. “We have to do both. I think we have a moral imperative to do both. The reason that we shut down the economy, to begin with, was so that our health care delivery system would not be overwhelmed. It wasn’t. We’re even better prepared today. Some of my colleagues trust government more than people. I trust people more than government. My people in Louisiana, they get it. They understand the coronavirus can kill you. Won’t kill most of us. But they’re taking it seriously.”

“They also know that poverty can kill you,” Kennedy said. “And I trust my people to social distance, to stay apart, not gather in big groups. They understand we need to protect the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. I think we can do both.”

You can watch a clip of Kennedy’s comments here.

Image credit: MSNBC

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  1. The Democrats are using Rahm Emanuel’s strategy of taking advantage of a crisis to move their agenda forward. They have been trying to find a way to cause a recession and are using this Wuhan Virus Outbreak for that purpose through their so called protective measures to protect us from infection. This virus is infinitely less dangerous than the Hong Kong Virus which to place at the same time the original Woodstock was going on. Those of us that were around during that time remember it as the largest wildest longest concert session ever. No one tried to break it up and social distancing was out the window there. The Dems are using as an experiment to try some of their citizenry control tactics, to see how much they can get away with and to tank the economy in hopes Trump and the Republicans will get the blame. If you look at the states that had a few precautions but pretty much ran business as usual there were way fewer deaths per 100,000 compared to states with Orwellian Police State Tactics. As for the lady in Dallas, she should file suit in the State Supreme Court against the Tyrant on the Bench for Judicial Misconduct.

  2. Democraps HATE America and Trump. They(Democraps) will do everything they can to DESTROY both.

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