Democrats Left SPEECHLESS After Republican Says THIS

They are trying to push this under the rug.

According to Breitbart News, Senator John Barrasso slammed Democrats stating that they don’t want another relief bill because they keep “moving the goalposts.”

“I think the Democrats don’t want a deal,” Barrasso told host Maria Bartiromo. “They continue to put a roadblock in what we want to be a path forward for the American people. It’s what we’re hearing at home. People want to get back to work, want the kids to get back to school, want to fight the disease with vaccines and medicines, and testing, but Nancy Pelosi’s kind of like Lucy with the football. They keep moving the goalposts. I am convinced they don’t want a deal, which is why I think the president boldly went ahead with executive orders to try to get relief to people that need help in spite of the Democrats continuing to play politics.”

“The politics that the Democrats are playing seems to be focused on saying that we’re not able to accomplish anything, but it is their roadblock that is blocking this path forward for the country between now and the elections,” he added. You can read the full article here.

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  1. He is right Pelosi had one thing on her mind, do not give one thing to Trump but she is hurting a whole lot of people and they can be sacrificed for the good of the Democrat Party!

  2. Pelosi made it crystal clear when she said she was “going to take it to the people” that means after the election. She does not want a deal and has NO intention of trying to work one out. She could care less about the American PEOPLE. As long as she has her Ice Cream in her 24 thousand dollar freezer she could care less.

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