Democrats Heartbroken, NBC Host Delivers BAD News

Sometimes the truth hurts…

NBC legend Tom Brokaw told Andrea Mitchell, clearly discouraged, that Democrats don’t have the “goods” to impeach President Trump.

Brokaw is on the road touting his new book, Richard Nixon’s Fall, and he knows what he’s talking about. At age 33, NBC gave him the position of the White House reporter in the summer of 1973, a year after the Watergate break-in, eight months after the resounding victory of Nixon’s re-election, just a year before the president was forced to resign in disgrace.

Speaking to Mitchell on the far-left MSNBC Tuesday, Brokaw said, “The big difference” between Trump and Nixon is that today, Democrats “still don’t have what you call ‘the goods’ on this president in terms of breaking the law and being an impeachable target for them.”

“They’re going to start the process, but they don’t have the same kind of clarity that the people who were opposed to Richard Nixon had because it was so clear that these were criminal acts that he was involved in,” he added.

Brokaw has discussed social media, that Twitter gives Trump the ability to communicate directly with the American people, which was something Nixon couldn’t do. Brokaw found Trump’s tweets disturbing, and claims Nixon was determined to live up to the dignity of the office, even as the walls were closing in, but who knows what Nixon would have accomplished if he had had a pipeline straight to voters around a skewed and aggressive press.

Which brings up the big point…

Democrats don’t have the goods on Trump, because there are no goods to get.

We’ve seen the transcript that makes the Adam Schiff’s secret Star Chamber of impeachment nothing less than partisan kabuki intended to drive down Trump’s poll numbers.

If we impeach Trump for using foreign policy as a political weapon, should they have impeached Barack Obama for telling Russia to take it easy before he had more flexibility during his second term? How about Bill Clinton bombing aspirin plants in Sudan less than 24 hours after being forced to admit lying (and committing perjury) to cover up Monica Lewinsky’s sexual affair?

How about Joe Biden threatening to withhold military aid if Ukraine does not consent to dismiss a lawyer prosecuting the same energy company that pays $50,000 a month to his son!

This is how the world works. How it has always worked. And what we have here are desperate Democrats, an even more desperate press, and a sly Deep State trying to criminalize how the sausage is made … in secret; attempting to overturn a national election by disinformation and out-of-context disclosures, and parading in military uniform around Never Trumpers.

Nixon’s goods were very easy to understand, which is why he resigned before he could be impeached. We had the U.S. president on camera offering a bribe to silence the Watergate burglars, an obvious criminal scheme or clear bribery act.

In the case of Bill Clinton, there was a blatant act of perjury and a solid case for witness tampering. In the end, the American people (including yours truly — although I did not like him) did not believe these crimes rose to the level of overturning a presidential election, but they were still crimes.

Democrats and the media got squat on Trump, which is why Pelosi was forced to hide these hearings in the basement and prosecute Trump via selective leaks, which is why Pelosi announced this un-American horseshit of denying Trump due process will continue even if the hearings are made public.

This is not how people who have “the goods” behave.

People who can make a case are not afraid of transparency, of context, of releasing the full truth, of allowing the accused due process and equal rights within that process.

People who have “The Goods” don’t dress up a criminal, Deep State, Never Trumping leaker who conspired with John Brennan, Adam Schiff, and Joe Biden  into a heroic whistleblower — a fake whistleblower who lied about the contents of the July 25 Ukraine call, as proven by the transcript.

Nothing proves Trump’s innocence more than Nancy and Adam’s lies, fear of transparency, and their determination to deny Trump the same due process rights Clinton and Nixon enjoyed.

  1. Lets hope this will all come back and bite the demoncrates in the ass come next election. But then you have the morons in the state of californication that will continue to elect dip shits to office.

    1. THAT, is ‘why’-WE, THE PEOPLE’-truly MUST, ‘Get Out & Vote’, in 2020! There are MORE OF US, who ‘Love This Country’ than there is ‘them’! My dearest hope, is that the 20/20 election-will, produce a LANDSLIDE VICTORY, FOR OUR PRESIDENT! Not only will America benefit, from his re-election, it will finally ‘crush & eradicate, the ‘Socialist aims’-ONCE & FOREVER’! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE-IN 20/20! ENCOURAGE EVERYONE YOU KNOW, TO VOTE-WHETHER FOR OR AGAINST US, BUT VOTE! LEGALLY, THIS TIME!

  2. You are right Bob. Unfortunately We have people so stupid and uneducated that they will vote democrat although by doing so it hurts them as much as it does anyone. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  3. Absolutely amazing! A life-long member of the lame street media telling the truth! Thanks, Brokaw, I didn’t think you had it in you!!

  4. Brokaw is still the face of Journalism and facts count if you are an honest broker.. Murrow,Huntley, Brinkley and Tim Russert come to mind as a time when the news met something.

  5. The democrats owe the tax payers a lot of money back for the monies they were given for their investigations. They willingly took OUR money and used it to bring down OUR President. It is time that the democrats are brought to justice including up to Nancy Pelosi. She and Schiff and the rest of them have premeditated the whole thing with OUR tax money. Schiff you disgust me speaking out lie after lie, perody after perody of your making to bring down Trump. You have even convinced Nancy to follow the leader, you, into lies and corruption. She let you bring herself down to your level, scum. KARMA YES KARMA will happen to you all and I’ll sit back and smile. God don’t like ugly and your actions are ugly.

  6. Amazing, someone is telling the truth!! And from the MSP, no less?? WOW just WOW O can’t believe it. Can we get him to testify before the kangaroo court? What a joke this all is, on us.

  7. G. Papadapolis and Carter Page both were the excuses for further investigations into Trump Russian Collusion/Mueller two years of investigation and justification by the Democrats to do nothing in Congress where Trump policy was concerned.
    Following all the players…. the very next day after the Mueller report came out, this new ‘Ukraine’ started happening, one tiny leak.
    Now we have ‘Whistle blowers’ all tied into the same people that brought forth the “Trump Russian collusion” farce.. being restricted from contact with the public like Page and Papadapolis, being used for yet another reasoning to have Democrats do nothing where Trump policy is concerned and Schiff, heading this up, is hoping to get a year with this fake meme.
    After Trump wins the 2020 elections, and he will, there will be another, then another ‘Russia…’ or, “Ukraine….”,,,
    Sadly while everyone is watching these misses by the ‘Deep State and Democrat political theaters’ there are Socialists being imbedded in the House of Congress to Primary old school Dems… much of which will be politically based on the FAILURES… of the Deep State and Democrats… to oust Trump. The 2020 Dem Primaries will turn the Dem Party into the Nationalist Socialist party with huge additions of Islamic Jihadist activism.
    Nothing good comes from corrupting processes handed down for generations in our Democratic Republic and for the last 3 years and at least the next year this is all we see happening, greedy people with no principles directing the future of the country, and contrarily to the vote of the people… bringing us to more division, more disruption… a lot more. It will be very obvious when in Jan 2021 Pelosi is replaced… by….. wait for ittttt….., most likely AOC,, based on the new 2020 Dem/Socialist party conversion.

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