Democrat Reveals GOP’s “Master Plan” To Re-Elect Trump

And they say Republicans push conspiracy theories…

Recently on MSNBC, failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams wildly claimed that the GOP was planning on deploying an “army” of people who are “going to get in line and try to scare people out of voting.”

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s O’Donnell asked, “When you look at the various voter suppression tactics that are still alive and still working for Republicans in this country, how do you expect that to impact this election? Is it happening in the states that Democrats need to win?”

Abrams replied, “Republicans have a battle plan. They are planning to raise an army of 50,000 [to] poll patrol. People are going to get in line and try to scare people out of voting. We know that they have committed $20 million to a litigation strategy to restrain people and constrict access to the right to vote. We know they intend to spend up to $60 million in all of their voter intimidation platforms, including through the vote honest elections, that they are filing lawsuits to undue and eviscerate the second section of the Voting Rights Act. They are desperate because they know they’re losing. But we are meeting them on the battlefield. We are organized earlier than we ever have been. We are working in the battleground states, including Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona. We have great candidates in Georgia who can carry us to victory. But across this country, we are prepared on our side for the first time to meet them and to win because we are on the side of democracy.”

You can watch a clip of Abrams’ comments here.

Image credit: Chicago Sun-Times

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  1. Did this Abrams broad do that wind while standing over a subway grating photo that Monroe did? She should. Someone tell her. She may then be elected ‘Kingstress of the World’.

  2. Abrams is a space cadet, she is incompetent, clueless and she hopes to be Joe’s VP and had ZERO accomplishments except running for governor and losing!

  3. Abrams is an idiot, and a huge liar. Wasn;t she the woman who gave Hillary the debate questions ahead of time which was illegal to do. She is a blatant danger to our country.

    1. That was Donna Brazile. Abrams was the idiot the refused to admit she lost the governor’s race and even now claims she is the rightful governor of Georgia.

  4. Oh yes, those were Black republicans outside the polling places in Philly in 2008. I’m sure it was republicans who harvested votes in Cali in 2018 that ended up awarding wins for many democrats in traditional conservative areas. Then we have 2 arrested and charged with 30 counts of Voter Fraud in Texas from 2016 and another 63 year old in North Carolina charged with altering mail in ballots and finally, the Michigan official who has been charged with stuffing the ballot box for bribes she took. No, there’s no voter fraud going on.

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