Democrat Issues This WARNING About Trump

Could she actually be right?

Recently on Fox’s “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) butted heads with fellow Democrats who continue to claim that Biden is vastly leading Trump in the polls by arguing that the Michigan polls gauging their match up is too close to call.

According to Breitbart, when talking about an outlier poll, Dingell stated, “First of all, I didn’t believe that poll. The Polster who did that poll said we are 16 points up said October 6, 2016, that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag on October 26, 2016 said there was no way she could lose.”

She then said, “Subsequent to that there have been two polls, one showing Joe Biden up two points and one showing him one point up. I think it’s competitive in Michigan. I think it’s five months and until November we don’t know what the events are that could take place. I don’t want anyone to let polls that aren’t real or don’t really reflect how people think suppress votes or tell people their vote doesn’t matter, or they shouldn’t care about the future of this country. I think this is a competitive race. Yes, there are a lot of polls right now.”

Adding, “People need to be engaged and understand that their vote matters and they have to get out and vote if they care about the future of this country.”

You can watch a clip of Dingell’s comments here.

Image credit: Fox News

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  1. I have heard and read many accounts of people being made afraid to vote for Trump. The fear is of more rioting and violence should Trump win a second term. This is exactly why what we are seeing is domestic terrorism. We need to see some reckoning done before we all become slaves to the Marxist wing of what was once the Democratic Party. The media for the most part operate as the Propaganda wing for the far left DNC factions and whiny screamers are ruling the narrative we are forced to hear and abide by.

  2. As long as the people will vote for Trump and a straight republican ballot we will see a GOP president plus house and senate, this is the only way we can avoid the democRATS destroying America, if the democRATS win we will see the constitution trashed, the supreme court will throw the constitution out the door and as the old saying goes opinions are like a**holes every one has one and they all stink, that is what the supreme court will become, we will lose our gun rights, religious rights, they will tear down our border walls and let any terrorist and criminal enter the US that wants to stroll in, then every citizen will have to start defending themselves and their families with any thing they can their ands on, we will see civil war and hopefully the military will stand down and not get involved

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