Democrat Goes CRAZY Over Trump Supporters

She’s gone insane.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Claire McCaskill attacked President Donald Trump supporters stating they are “gleefully putting other people at risk.”

McCaskill said, “He specializes in being combative and confrontational, and obviously he doesn’t feel any need to lead or unite in this incredibly painful moment in our country’s history we are all coming to grips with how badly we have handled systemic racism in this country. You know, add to that, Joy, the rally where he was talking to police officers and encouraged them to physically hurt the suspects they were putting in their police cars.”

She continued, “So not only is he embracing a physical confrontation, he’s embracing police officers abusing people under their custody and control, and it is outrageous. And the fact that he has called off the curfew, it’s almost like he wants there to be a problem, that he wants there to be physical violence, that somehow that will justify his rally. It is discouraging. I am really proud of all the people that were there today celebrating Juneteenth. They were socially distancing in a state that is really dangerous right now in terms of coronavirus. You won’t see that kind of social distancing at the rally. You’ll see people gleefully putting other people at risk.” You can watch a clip of McCaskill’s remarks here.

Image credit: Fox News

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  1. “He specializes in being combative?” No, he simply won’t put up with the crap from the left and does what he things is right. Big difference.

  2. Some people don’t know the difference between abuse and an a**hole resisting arrest, monkey see monkey do, so she saw police putting someone in a police car in what she deems a rough manner, you know before these blowhards sound off about police brutality they should ride in the police car with the officers for a week, bet the know it all’s will change their minds about police tactics in a hurry

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