Democrat ERUPTS Over Trump, Says The UNTHINKABLE

She’s completely lost her mind.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Val Demings attacked President Donald Trump stating United States is “on fire right now,” and President Donald Trump is “walking around with gasoline.”

Demings said, “This president has had opportunity after opportunity to rise to an occasion in this country, and he’s failed every time. Yet again, he’s demonstrated that he is totally unfit for the office that he holds.”

She added, “As we’re going through this public health crisis with COVID-19 and we’re certainly all watching and grieving with the Floyd family, American is on fire right now, and the president of the United States is walking around with gasoline.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Business Insider

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  1. And congresswoman deeming has got all the answers she would have the lawless continue there destruction !!!

  2. And congresswoman deeming has got all the answers she would have the lawless continue there destruction !!! But she is a democRAT they always know what to do. !!! Sorry The President is doing A good Job ,you do nothing democRAT !!!

      1. Americans should realize that our Country is in deep trouble with trumpavirus and senseless attacks on people. We need a leader that will at least try to unify our Nation. It is evident that President FOOL does not care for one nation under God and has failed us but rather fuels the divide.

        1. Yes, you are right. donny trump is the most despicable piece of shit that ever headed a country. States all over the country are burning and asshole trump and also his attorney general Barr are talking about ratings. Saying that the violence is because of the left. Finally called the Floyd family, but the attorney said it was very brief. Again, done for ratings ,as he doesn’t give a fuck about anybody. All the followers of this dictator should hide their heads in shame!

          1. May you join the other members of your sick group in burning down whatever liberal city you reside in. If you catch the virus as a result of your failure to maintain a safe distance from your fellow terrorists and IF you survive it, may you “enjoy” the rubble of the city that you helped destroy.

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