Democrats’ 2022 Plans LEAKED

This is why they are afraid of the Republicans…

During an interview with Senior National Correspondent Amna Nawaz, Stacey Abrams said that “as a partisan,” she is scared about the laws being passed in many states which could cause Democrats from winning the 2022 midterms.

Nawaz asked, “What do you think the impact of those laws could be when you look ahead specifically to the midterm elections? Are you concerned that Democrats could actually lose control of the House and Senate as a result of those?”

Abrams responded saying, “Yes. As a partisan, I am concerned about whether my party, which tends to be over-representative of communities of color, of communities that are disadvantaged and marginalized, that the party to which I pledge allegiance, or at least I have given my fealty, that the party could lose. But I honestly want us to return to the fundamentals of voting.”

“In a nation like the U.S., with its changing demography, if the response to increased participation by communities of color, by young people, by women, if the response is to restrict their access and impede their participation, that is a very, very strong signal that we are heading in the wrong direction and that our democracy is not safe, it is not sound, and it is not resilient.”

Read the full article and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: The Guardian

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