David Spade SHOCKS Liberals With Trump Comment

They are FUMING after this, thankfully Spade stuck to his guns…

Comedian and actor David Spade is distancing himself from his late-night TV counterparts and vowing to refrain from cracking jokes about President Donald Trump on his new Comedy Central show Lights Out with David Spade, set to premiere July 29.

The Saturday Night Live alum does not want to introduce another comedy show revolving around cheap shots at President Trump. Political “shock value” is overused, and his late-night counterparts, he suggested, already have that covered.

“We are trying to do the coldest thing. We want to do stuff that no one wants to see,” Spade said at the Comedy Central, Paramount Network and TV Land Press Day, according to the Daily Mail.

While concerns over ratings exist, David Spade does not see the point in creating yet another comedy show for the sake of covering ground that has already been covered.

“At this point it would be just piling on,” he explained.

He also suggested that Trump is too easy of a target.

“It gets to be where after a few years Trump turned into an easier target, because at the beginning it is like ”Can you believe this guy?’” he said. “And now it is like, ‘yeah we can.’ It is sort of what it is day to day.”

Despite the risk, Spade plans to play it old school, relying on non-political humor.

“I just thought when we talked to Comedy Central that it was sort of like what could we do with me and my sense of humor,” the Tommy Boy star said. “And maybe it is time for a non-political fun show again making fun whatever else is going on. Gender reveals drive me crazy, anything going on in music and acting.”

Spade added that there are “so many funny things” in the world to make fun of outside of politics.

“Get some comedians in and do that again instead of getting so heated about the country,” Spade said, adding, “The country is going to work or not work without me involved. So I will stay away and let all the other celebrities handle fixing that.”

Src: Breitbart

    1. Big Deal. He is still a liberal jerk, he is just trying to be different. A really smart comedian would want to take a comedy job and use his/her talent and bring back their talent and comedy without being a jerk and not to even mention politics. But no, he is using it anyway to try to create interest. Sorry but no thanks.

  1. What it comes down to really is the news media and at one time popular night time comedies have become political hacks. To have Hollywood celebrities get on there and belittle and embarrass our POTUS and basically our country is shameful and harbors on deceit. I used to watch Johnny Carson, Saturday Night Live and looked forward to, enjoyed it but not anymore. I personally feel that our country is divisive not because of Donald Trump because he is trying to do the right things for our country. There is a large group of corrupt
    Individuals made up of Liberal or better radical Democrats, Fake News Medias, Arrogant Celebrities and RHINOs that
    have one goal to remove Donald Trump
    and take over and control our country
    it’s legal citizens. The left side agrees with open borders, illegal immigrants having more rights than our citizens, free health care, free education, etc. but do not have a plan to pay for all of it. They just want your vote and once the get into office we will all pay for it or atleast the real tax payers!

    a Deep State

    1. Oh they have a Plan Alright , The Plan is to Over Tax american Citizens to Pay for Illegals to get more help then anyone of us Americans! They all say we’ll just Tax everyone every chance we get to Pay for the Illegals and even themselves! I just Pray that people wake up before it’s to late and the Left takes Dictator Control of the United States and we become like Venezuela the only difference is the Democrats will treat the Illegals like Citizens and us Citizens like were second class!

  2. Something new and refreshing is being proposed. Where continued, repetitious “pot-shots” have replaced originality, it will be nice to see and hear a new presentation in humor! Best of luck to David and his new venture!

  3. I agree with David Spade. Trump or anyone else should never be made fun of. It is not nice and shows people’s Stupidity.

  4. I’ll watch Spade’s show. Absolutely. I liked a lot of the shows he played on. We really do have to many political bias comedy shows like SNL, ABC, NBS, CBS and so many other comedic outlets. You know the shows where they say so much that makes no sense whatsoever and then they try to pass it off as the Gospel. lol

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