Creepy Joe And CNN Team Up To Bring More FAKE NEWS

Funny thing is that Trump has more people at his rally than CNN has viewers…

Far-left CNN claimed Joe Biden “eviscerated” President Trump hours before the aging Democrat had even delivered the speech.

The fake news outlet’s disastrous morning show New Day, presented Biden’s speech as a turning point in a campaign.

The New Day anchors were noticeably excited about Biden’s plan to “eviscerate” Trump, CNN just loves to talk about the president in only ways that evoke violence and death.

“Eviscerating” someone is violence, and nothing arouses CNN staffers like words and images that conjure up a dead or dying President Trump.

CNN uses this kind of elimination rhetoric in the hope it will lead to violence against Trump.

If CNN believes this kind of language leads to violence and then CNN uses that exact language.

On a different note, Biden appears to be repeating the footsteps of Hillary Clinton. Biden appears to believe he can sit on his polling lead, campaign part-time, and win the presidency.

    1. So now, Mad Maxine is telling, again, the left to commit crimes against Trump. Isnt that a crime to suggest a crime or do you have to wait till a criminal act is completed? Mad Maxine needs to be told to stop the harassing and verbal suggestions of committing crimes against Trump. SHe thinks she is “UN-TOUCHABLE”She is BLACK and plays the race card and that she is just plain crooked and she thinks everyone is “AFRAID” of her. She is nothing more than spit on the sidewalk.

    1. So Biden and CNN arre setting up “something” to use against TRUMP! Biden cant even get an audience larger that 300 people to attend his Breakfast Club. He changes his mind everytime he speaks, He has a sexual problem with women and young girls. telling one (forgot his mic was still on) little 10-12 year old she makes him “HORNEY”! HE has to go to China to bail his son and John Kerry’s son out of trouble and the boys came home with $1.5 billion ! Hunter dishonorably discharged from Navy for Drug problems. Touchy Joe has no ‘bounce” when he talks to his “Breakfast Group”. He also acts like he needs GERITOL,(is that still on the market?). He only does about 3 “rallies” a week. Sounds like sickly HELL-ERY. HE has no stamina to show the people who come to listen. If he keeps TRUMP’S ambition he’ll die before a year is up.


  2. I still can’t believe that the DEMON-CRATS want a pervert, like CREEPY JOE, as their choice to represent them as POTUS. SMH!

  3. TODAY as a People we can Not believe what is on TV or Written in the News.So go with your own intelligence and make an informed decision.Don’t let some bull crap Artist try to talk you into a view contrary to your own.

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