Crazy Democrat Goes BERSERK Over Trump

He’s lost all his marbles.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Eric Swalwell attacked President Donald Trump stating him and other House Democrats “look like geniuses” for impeaching him.

Swalwell said, “It’s certainly not a hoax. This is information that went into the President’s Daily Brief. This is not the back of a bar napkin.”

He continued, “He’s the commander in chief. The fact that he would not be told about this just, frankly, I think it’s bulls**t.”

When asked about the impeachment, He said, “I think he makes us look like geniuses every day for impeaching him. He was impeached for putting his personal interests above the country’s. And again, it looks like that’s what’s happening here. And for some perhaps when we were in 2016, 2017 expressing concern about the p partnerships and welcoming help from Russia perhaps people didn’t know the cost or perhaps the cost was not know or was unmeasurable. Now, if these allegations are true and the Russians are paying for the lives of American soldiers on the battlefield, the cost is the blood of our soldiers, and I think the American people will understand that.” You can watch a clip of Swallwell’s remarks here.

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    1. Trump is so superior to garbage like Swalwell. That man doesn’t have a brain at all. The Dumbocraptic politicians have lost their way. None of them are bright. They are complete loosers.

  1. It’s Swallwell who is bullsh**! Him saying, “We have nukes!”, referring to those who oppose gun confiscation from American gun owners. For him to think that is sick but for him to spew his demented thought is proof he should never occupy another political seat. He took an oath to serve and protect and then says something asinine like this. The oath he took means not a damned thing to him. He’s a pos, in my opinion!

    1. Swalwell is an idiot, like most if not all California Democrats. Think Schiff, Waters, Pelosi, among others.

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