Conservative Student Put Under House Arrest Because Liberals Did This

Liberals are not fun people to be around.

One of the things they hate the most is a good joke.

In fact, they’ll attempt to ruin your life over it.

That’s what happened to college student Lucas Gerhard when he privately sent a message to some friends.

Here’s the story:

According to court documents, two liberal students saw Lucas’s Snap Chat image on a friend’s phone, took a screenshot, and called the police to report him. According to his father, one of the female liberal students who reported his Snap Chat image to local police frequently argued with Lucas over his conservative views, most recently about her belief that Columbus Day should be renamed Indigenous People’s Day. Lucas, who was growing tired of her constant badgering, blocked her on his social media accounts. She took a photo of his Snap Chat to friends with her phone and used it as “evidence” that his private chat to his friends was somehow indicative of a threat.

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This is the message he sent:

But this is where things get really shocking:

While he was home from school, Lucas saved his money and lawfully purchased an AR-15. When Lucas returned to school at Lake Superior State University on August 23, 2019, he checked his gun and ammunition with the university’s campus safety, as required. Shortly after he arrived at school, Lucas was visited by Sault St. Marie Police officers.

When he was asked about his Snap Chat post, Luke Gerhard explained to the police officer that the term “snowflake” was a reference to liberals whose brains “melt” when faced with something or someone who expresses an opposing political ideology. He told the police officers he had no intention of harming anyone and that it was simply a joke he shared with friends. He was arrested the following day and charged with making a terrorist threat, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

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The police arrested and charged him over this obvious joke!

He then ended up in jail for nearly 3 months and is now under house arrest with an ankle tag.

Lucas spent 83 days in jail before his father was able to bail him out. After he was released from jail he was sentenced to house arrest, where he remains today in his father’s home with a tether at the cost of $500 per month. His father, Col. Mark Gerhard, has been forced to pay for the monthly tether charge as well as his son’s legal defense fees.

As part of his house arrest agreement, Lucas is not allowed to attend school, use the internet or leave his home. His father told us that “COVID lockdowns have been hard enough on kids,” but not being able to use the internet while being locked down in his home has been very difficult. Mark Gerhard says he gives his son a lot of credit, explaining that he is proud of how his son has handled this situation with the utmost courage and character.

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This is insane.

How can they do this over a joke?

It makes you wonder whether the police are being infiltrated by the Left.

The case has now been taken up by the Michigan Court of Appeals, a very rare outcome.

Lucas Gerhard has been granted the opportunity for his case to be heard before the MI Court of Appeals. De Angeli tells us that Lucas’s lawyers tell him the MI Court of Appeals agreeing to hear Lucas’ case is “absolutely extraordinary.” According to Mr. de Angeli, one of Gerhard’s lawyers remarked, “the Court of Appeals hearing an interlocutory appeal in a criminal case is about as likely as the U.S. Supreme Court taking up any case.”

The court date is scheduled for sometime in June.

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Let’s hope the Court of Appeals sees this for the farce that it is.

Lucas Gerhard should be a free man.

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  1. What a bunch of hypocrits!! How many of the BLM/Antifa leftist terrorists have made treats, slurs, degrading comments and all kinds of thing online with absolutely NO repercussions!! This kid communicated on his PRIVATE account and the girl that got into it should be charged with something!!

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