CNN’s Senseless Attack On Churches

How are people still watching this?

Recently on CNN, host Chris Cuomo angered many Americans when he argued that going to church and protesting in the streets are not the same thing and protesting is a valid excuse to not socially distance.

According to Breitbart, after airing a clip of Charlie Kirk defending going to church, Cuomo stated, “I feel badly for him that he believes that that’s the world he lives in, that he’s being kept from going to church. Why? Because of a pandemic. I want to go to church. I miss going to church. I understand there’s a pandemic. You know who else does? My priest understands it. Oh, but you can protest. One has nothing to do with the other. You are dealing with people who are responding in this country to outrageous acts of social injustice. To say, well, it’s the same as going to church, no, it isn’t. If you told people they couldn’t protest, if you invoked martial law about these types of situations, you would have chaos.”

You can watch a clip of Cuomo’s comments here.

Image credit: WBNG

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  1. Who would expect anything else from CNN or MSNBC? They are the main propaganda service for the dummycrat party. And it’s the dummycrat party that voted to kick God out of the party.

  2. But going to Church helps people feel grounded and teaches them tolerance and to love one another. But these Protests/rioting is ALL about HATE. THERE’S a RIGHT way to PROTESTS, what I’ve seen is not it!

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