CNN Reporter’s RACIST ATTACK On Trump Supporters

This is absolutely stomach turning!

CNN political commentator Angela Rye recently said on “Tonight,” that black Trump supporters should be ashamed of themselves.

According to Breitbart, When asked about President Trump’s attempt to gain more black voters, Tara Setmayer stated, “Well, I think it’s smart of them to do this. They think — it’s true, he only needs a couple of percentage points. He over-performed last time with black voters that people didn’t see coming. He had better numbers than McCain did or Romney. It’s a smart play for them politically. They have the money to do it. How much impact it actually has remains to be seen. You know, how you do this, the way you message things makes a huge difference. The president does have criminal justice reform, at least as something tangible that he can go into these communities with. But that’s about it. Although the black unemployment, which we hear constantly over and over again, but I don’t know that Black America’s looking at this saying, ‘yeah, we want four more years of this guy’ when all the other transgressions, racial transgressions that come out of his mouth and this White House are just too much.”

Rye then said, “I think Donald Trump does not have a strong record to stand on as it relates to black unemployment. He has Barack Obama’s record to stand on with that, and I think that at some point, black folks have got to look themselves in the mirror and say, hey, do I want to follow Mark Burns? Do I want to follow Katrina Pierson? Do I want to follow Diamond and Silk? Who the hell are these people, right?”

Adding, “Instead, you want to give Donald Trump kudos for throwing Cheez-It bits at you and then criticize the people who have spent their careers doing things for the betterment of black people and black society. And I would just say at that point, if you still go over to Donald Trump after that, shame on you. Period.” You can watch a clip of Rye’s comments here.

Image credit: RealClearPolitics

  1. I hope they keep on doing what they are doing. It’s driving more and more people, black and white over to Trump. You are the racist for even bringing something this stupid up. We will vote for who ever we want and you can bet it won’t be a Dumbocrap.

  2. The only ones to bring up race are the communists and Nazis and fascists that call themselves Democrats. There is nothing democratic about them. They are communists and Nazis and fascists and socialists. They are all the same thing with different names. All of them should be voted out of office in November. They always bring up race because the race card is all they have. It is just an empty ploy because in fact there is nothing of any substance they can bring up, so they say that. That means, ” all right you win but I won’t admit it because I am to small a person to be able to recognize that I could be wrong, besides I am suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and I am to small to admit that as well.”

  3. Maybe she should consider that while the Dems have demanded the support of minorities for decades, they have actually done little to improve their lot in life. Going back the the Johnson “war on poverty” what has really happened to minorities? Family units have deteriorated by funding single parent households. Poverty rates are stagnant. Education in inner cities, controlled by Dems, has not improved. Even with affirmative action (which is reverse discrimination), in general the situation for a minority child has not improved since the 60’s, and this is independent of the Dem’s bogey man of discrimination.
    So what does a minority have to lose in supporting a Republican, consideringthe Democrats have failed to deliver in 60 years.

  4. Obama’s record sucked mucho ,Obama won’t even stand on his own record because it sucked air,saw Obama on TV the other night trying to claim trump’s successes as his own more lies from the liar

  5. Ms. or Mrs. Janice E. Prescott, Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. WhiteFalcon, Mr. Tom, Mr. Doug S. and Mr. bob onit, you all have Rapped it up with Shrink Rap, tighter than a Mummy being Embalmed over in Egypt, All I Can Say Is HEAR! HEAR!!

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