CNN Host SNAPS After Trump EXPOSES Them

They are the ones spreading misinformation!

Recently on CNN, host Anderson Cooper lashed out after White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley released a statement on President Trump’s retweet that was critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

According to Breitbart, in the statement Gidley said, “This media chatter is ridiculous – President Trump is not firing Dr. Fauci. The president’s tweet clearly exposed media attempts to maliciously push a falsehood about his China decision in an attempt to rewrite history.”

Gidley’s comment made Cooper furious, he responded, “It’s so cheap of Hogan Gidley to try to use this opportunity to bash Democrats or bash reporters. It’s the president who retweeted this person’s tweet about ‘#FireFauci.’ The idea — the President of the United States, is the most important person on the national stage, and if he’s retweeting some person who’s tweeting about firing Fauci, you would think it had some meaning. The idea that Hogan Gidley is saying this is all just reporters elevating this. It’s just ridiculous.”

Adding, “It’s unfortunate. They could have put out a statement saying Dr. Fauci is a valuable member, and there is no truth to this. I don’t know why it bothers me. It is what we should expect from this White House, but it is just disappointing.” You can watch a clip of Cooper’s meltdown here.

Image credit: The Yeshiva World

  1. Anderson Cooper is only one of the idiots at CNN they all don’t understand what real Jouralism is , It’s not creating a story for the sake of bashing the President which is what CNN is known for !!! Please Anderson get the HELL off the air !!!

    1. CNN is the epitome of fake news. Hires a bunch of quacks like Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Acosta, et al. If not for President Trump and the hatred they share for him with the rest of the corrupt media they would not be still standing. No one with a brain pays any attention to them.

  2. CNN is not a news station, they do not report news. They are an arm of the DemocRAT Party and push fake news, lies and an agenda that is anti Zamerivan. They. Should lose there license but who ever licenses them is derelict in protecting our citizens. MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC are all anti American and against the citizens of this country by broadcasting for a party that just got the backing of the formerPresident that knew Biden committed criminal acts against the citizens of this country. But Obama did even worse bu starting an insurance policy against Trump even before he was elected by criminalizing federal employees to do criminal acts against not only Trump but the citizens of this country and the media was also involved in it by pushing the lies and the criminal acts of the worst oliticslbpsrty in our history the DemocRAT Paryy who are clueless and incompetent!

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