CNN Host ERUPTS On Air After THIS Happens

Here’s what happened.

According to the Daily Caller, CNN Host Chris Cuomo lost his mind on air after Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen and Nina Turner, co-chair for Sen. Bernie Sander’s national campaign, got into a heated argument which led to shouting.

The argument started when Turner suggested that Joe Biden was an example of the “white moderates” King was warning about. Rosen disagreed, saying that Biden fought for civil rights for blacks.

“First of all, don’t tell me what kind of standing I have as a black woman in America!” Turner replied. “How dare you! First of all, you’re dipping into something that I have to say!”

“This is what you guys have to figure out,” Cuomo finally interjected. “You’re in the same party, and let me tell you, you better keep that same energy when you’re up against Trump that you have against each other, ‘cuz he is bigger and badder than I think you guys are ready for.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Centre for International Policy Studies

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