Buttigieg Takes A STAB At Trump

With everything that’s happening, was this the best thing to say?

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg recently replied to President Trump’s remarks about Baltimore and Representative Elijah Cummings in an interview broadcast by saying that President Trump is making America weaker by dividing it and that Russia knew the best way to undercut the United States was to get someone like Trump elected because they understood “that America would become weaker and more divided under his presidency.”

Buttigieg said, “He is the president of the United States. Baltimore is in the United States. He’s the president for the people of Baltimore, and he’s talking about it like it’s somebody else’s problem. The question should be, if Baltimore faces challenges, which it does, as every major American city does, what is he doing to help? And what we see is a president whose response is to attack fellow Americans, whether it’s members of Congress who have been critical of him or an entire city full of Americans just because it — that city is partly represented by a member of Congress who’s critical of him. And he continues down this path of dividing Americans black versus white, rural versus urban, which is exactly why America is becoming weaker as a country, under this president, each passing day.”

He added, “Well, first of all, our reputation is collapsing around the world, but also our confidence in our own country is collapsing, and the president needs to be able to bring people together. Look, even when we’re divided out of disagreement over a policy, the president is supposed to stand, the presidency is supposed to stand as a symbol of something that we all have in common. And yet this president has taken every single opportunity to turn us against one another. This is why — you know, there’s a lot of talk over exactly how far the extent of Russian interference went. We spend far too little time talking about why. Why did a very sophisticated adversary of the United States calculate that the best way they could undermine our country was to get a guy like this elected? And it was because they knew, correctly, anticipated, that America would become weaker and more divided under his presidency.”

  1. SHUT UP you flaming queer pervert. Try bending over a few more times and just maybe you will clear your mind. Your last name say’s it all. I hope you’re happy that you and the other corrupt RAT’S are paving a path to your DESTRUCTION.

    1. AGREED…….100%……………………………………………….

    2. Thank God I don’t live in South Bend anymore, Pete Buttigieg is a total idiot! Russia didn’t get Trump elected Trump got Trump elected our own intelligence agencies said that despite Russian interference not one vote was changed! I agree with President Trump if Pete Buttigieg can’t run a small Indiana city he sure as hell can’t run our country, he is wasting his time anyway! Trump/Pence 2020!

        1. Camille Gilliam: In the tradition of “Man Bites Dog is News, not the other way around;” democrats not helping the cities/ counties/ states they run is normal, not news [I’m STILL looking for a prospering, not declining, city run by democrats. Usually it is Republican-run until there is any surplus, then a Democrat is elected by buying votes with the promise of wasting any extra on worthless gaudy trinkets instead of infrastructure].

  2. He has done more for this country than any one of your democrats have done in the past 12 plus years…. Start looking at what’s in the democrat party ….. Nothing much to be proud of!

    1. Karen: I hope you mean President Trump, and not the story’s “I identify as queer FIRST, and American second” mayor boot-edge-edge.

  3. I hope President Trump will take the Lead and visit Baltimore to shut up the bullshit Lib Dems.Please President Trump go there in person and face these people that need you very much now.Maybe that will stop the crap from flowing!!!!!

  4. What a fag asshole! If the Ruskies wanted a push over in the WH they would have pushed for Hillary to win. She has always been a trailer park whore who would do anything for a couple of bucks and the power. She has been a failure at everything she has done over the last 40 years and the trail of corruption is unprecedented in the US’s long history.

    1. Doug, She’s NOT a failure at everything! How many suicides of convenience have to happen before you can accept she HAS mastered a talent, albeit a macabre one?

  5. He doesn’t understand the difference between federal government and state government. Shouldn’t even be running.

  6. Sounds like our little QUEER BOY needs to SHUT his PIE HOLE and go back where he came from under a rock.
    This little BOY doesn’t have a chance in HELL to make it to be even a contender in any kind of RACE..

  7. He must have been talking to Maddow the queen of hallucinating conspiracy theories. He fits in nicely with her. Cannot take care of a small town and now wants to take care of 300 million with a socialist agenda that will kill jobs and bankrupt quicker than before his first term is over!

  8. Can anyone tell me how we have gotten weaker under Trump, all i’ve seen are positives , even under dem oppisition

  9. I guess Buttplug has conceded his attempt at the democrat nomination and is now trying to become a stand up comic. He seems to stink at both and is even losing his job as mayor.

  10. Hey Butege or what ever your called, you obviously think that Trump is supposed to fix everything in The United States of America. The people that run Baltimore should have resolved this problem years ago. Obviously all they did was suck up a paycheck. You are about as helpful as a rubber crutch!

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