Broadcaster Announces DISTURBING Trump Fantasy

He should not have said that on live air.

Former ESPN broadcaster Keith Olbermann recently stated that he believes President Trump should receive the “death penalty” for each and every American that has died because of coronavirus.

In addition to the death penalty statement, he also called Trump a “mentally incompetent, inhuman, dumb, bastard.”

Olbermann’s outburst was not the first one he has had. Previously, he had stated that Trump supporters were “maggots” who needed to be “prosecuted.”

Olbermann is a staunch anti-Trumper, and his words and statements did not go unpunished. Olbermann had also called Trump a “terrorist” which prompted Mitt Romney to state the words coming out of Olbermann’s mouth was “”hate-filled’ commentary that is unbefitting our nation.”

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Image Credit: Poynter

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  1. I guess this asshole forgot about the swine flu epidemic in 09, when the black ass, and Joe were in the WH, that was mishandled. That one killed young healthy children. Funny what these assholes forget to mention.

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