BREAKING: Republican Dan Crenshaw TURNS On Trump?

Here’s what he had to say…

Recently on Fox News, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) spoke about the recent riot at the U.S. Capitol and stated that President Trump and leaders need to tell those who stormed the Capitol that “that they misled them.”

According to Breitbart, Crenshaw stated, “This is not what you do and call yourself a patriot. There’s nothing to be proud of here. This is not okay. It should be condemned to the fullest extent.”

Crenshaw later stated, “I wanted everybody who was objecting, I want the president, I wanted everybody out in front of those protesters as they were storming the Capitol to be there and say, stop. That’s the only acceptable outcome. But you’ve got to man up and go down there and say, enough is enough. This isn’t okay. I want them to say that they were — that they misled them. Because I think that’s really what happened here. And that message has to be far more forceful than it’s been.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: Spectrum News

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  1. President Trump has had many packed events and all the problems that took place when people were leaving and Antifa and BLM attached them! Trump fif not want that to happen he wanted congress to take a look at the election criminal activity! He knew that any riot would be used against him, take a look at DemocRAzt operative BLM and Antifa!

    1. Crenshaw better wake the hell up. The ring leaders in the riot were the scum group, antifa. Crenshaw should research the FACTS first before pontificating. I liked Crenshaw. I do not anymore. He is a clueless moron.

  2. Don’t condone what has transpired yesterday in D.C., the President’s lackluster-intolerance addressing it, nor condone the past violence at the hands of ANTIFA, BLM, and others who pillaged property, put citizens in harm’s way, destroyed businesses, etc. while some of our politicians offered so few retorts of condemnation through imposing legal and physical protective restraints wherever and whenever needed.
    Let’s also not forget that through many of these civil disturbances some on the Left called on their constituents to confront Republicans and Trump Believe it or not these are some of the same officials who had remained secure in the comfort of their government offices, often under the protection of the police, yes, the men and women in blue that the Left claimed had to be defunded.
    Now, that our DC Legislators have experienced a degree of pain and inconvenience from such violence themselves let’s see how they are going to react, speak out, and legislate to address this civil disconnect and divisiveness. Haven’t they themselves enabled much of this by their seeming indifference just as we all struggle through a Wuhan-Coronavirus pandemic? So much of this is also hinged to so many ensuing economic hardships throughout this country as the overseas Asian dragon enslaves Muslims and others while setting embers of discontent into flames of divisiveness and hate wherever Democracy thrives

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