Trump was right about him all along…

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man who has been given cult hero status, has shown himself to be the biased politician President Donald Trump says he is.

A new transcript of the phone call from President Trump’s attorney John Dowd to Michael Flynn’s attorney has been shown.

And the entire transcript shows that Mueller and his team edited the transcript to only keep in the parts that sounded damaging to the president.

“Hey, Rob, uhm, this is John again. Uh, maybe, I-I-I-‘m-I’m sympathetic; I understand your situation, but let me see if I can’t … state it in … starker terms,” it said.

“If you have … and it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve gone on to make a deal with, and, uh, work with the government, uh … I understand that you can’t join the joint defense; so that’s one thing.

“If, on the other hand, we have, there’s information that … implicates the President, then we’ve got a national security issue, or maybe a national security issue, I don’t know … some issue, we got to-we got to deal with, not only for the President, but for the country.

“So … uh … you know, then-then, you know, we need some kind of heads up. Um, just for the sake of … protecting all our interests, if we can, without you having to give up any … confidential information.

“So, uhm, and if it’s the former, then, you know, remember what we’ve always said about the President and his feelings toward Flynn and, that still remains, but —

“Well, in any event, uhm, let me know, and, uh, I appreciate your listening and taking the time. Thanks, Pal,” the transcript read.

The highlighted part of the transcript is what Mueller, who appears determined to impeach the president, did not keep in his report.

“After Flynn withdrew from a joint defense agreement with the President and began cooperating with the government, the President’s personal counsel left a message for Flynn’s attorneys reminding them of the President’s warm feelings towards Flynn, which he said ‘still remains’, and asking for a ‘heads up’ if Flynn knew ‘information that implicates the President,’” the report said.

“When Flynn’s counsel reiterated that Flynn could no longer share information pursuant to a joint defense agreement, the President’s personal counsel said he would make sure that the President knew that Flynn’s actions reflected ‘hostility’ towards the President,’” it said.

It shows that Mueller is doing everything in his power to help the Democrats impeach the president and Rep. Devin Nunes called him on it.

“This is why we need all backup and source documentation for the #muellerdossier released publicly. It’s all a fraud…,” Rep. Nunes said.

Src: The Federalist Papers

  1. I just wonder if Mueller received money from the DNC for his report? Lately I wonder a lot of things about the Democrats….

    1. This isn’t Mueller’s first RODEO! In the 1970”s he and comet arrested 3 young guys and charged them with Murder. Well, line-up didn’t say a thing, She,(one of the wives) trued to be heard. But 4 ex-service men were accused by Mueller and Comey for killing a black man during the huge unrest in the area. Mueller put all in prison for life. One dies mysteriously, another did give tesitimony. Then they are scared. so Comey gave papers to a newsman to print. Mueller is a back-handed betrayer of the people that are legal citizens.

  2. I just Thank God that President Trump did not give in and have an in person talk with this creep. All they wanted was to try to catch him in a lie, even if it was just a lapse in memory, which we all have. This Mueller is the worst of the worst, and I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass. I hope he feels good knowing how much he stole from the taxpayers of this country to keep this farce going. I hope he never sleeps another night through.

  3. Mueller needs to be investigated for the uranium one fiasco, he and killerey sold the uranium to Russia and they sold it to Iran, he needs Trump to be impeached so he can do a CYA, hoping he won’t have to answer for selling out America

  4. Muller and all of his group need to be arrested and held in jail til all this corruption can be sorted out!!!

  5. I bet my life that the corruption goes all the way up to the ex-President Obama. The whole Democratic Party needs to be investigated and charged with Treason!!!

  6. Most of the comments above reveal our true bias. We do not have affordable healthcare, we do not have renewed infrastructure, Social Security is in Trump trouble as well as Medicare, our taxes are too low thanks to the gifts to the wealthy, our climate continues to deteriorate. WAKE UP you/ our leader is not doing the job!

    1. Things don’t get better over night it’s only been two years with Trump. The country is doing better than it has in years so he is doing his job. As far as waking up I will suggest you do the same as climate change is one of the biggest frauds ever put on us.

    2. What a load of lying sh.t! Must be another killery loser! If the rats would work on issues for the good of WE the People, all would be going smoothly! Buy no, Illegals for more trouble and waste of OUR Tax payer money! This whole scam will be out in the open, then we will ALL see and know the Truth! Please MR BARR go get em! Behind bars would make a lot of rats scream out the truth! And dollars to doughnuts bo plenty has a big part in the whole scam!

    3. I guess you liked having to pay higher insurance premiums and having higher deductibles. My nephew and many others were being charged higher premiums and had a much higher deductible plus had to pay doctor visits. To me, the Obamacare frauded the citizens of America. Obama increased our National Debt by the trillions of dollars, paid money to Iran, our enemy, and was against Israel. Obama wrote unlawful presidential orders which the Democrat party allowed. And the mainstream media never told the truth about his unlawful actions. The media was in the pocket of Obama and the Democrats. They still are. The Democrats broke many laws and should be made to pay for their crimes against Trump and the American citizens.

  7. Mueller is one without HONOR,INTEGRITY,MORALS, or HONESTY. He hired a hit team( not a killer but one that is out for only destroying a person) to attack all those around Trump in hopes of getting one to LIE for him and it failed but coming from a FAILURE what can one expect. Mueller and Obozo turned the FBI into an attack dog for Hitlery’s DNC and both should pay for those actions. Mueller did NOTHING but make false charges and attack innocent people for crimes he himself committed. He Obstructed Justice to protect two who should be in jail and long ago fired from the FBI to start with. Page and Strzok were compromised by their affair and should have been FIRED on the spot but were kept on because of their HATE of Trump. They would have worked till the end had those text not come to light. So Mueller a Political Hack working for Hitlery should be made to repay every penny he wasted while seeking REVENGE of Trump because by firing that hack Comey Trump exposed Mueller’s CORRUPTION of the FBI.


  9. This whole issue is a planned coup, and I bet Oblaimer was the instigator of the whole thing. Oblaimers spying tatics in his earlier administration was the beginning which never stopped, his orders to in Dec to the intel community for any collusion or data indicating any possible Trump connections, the meeting with a secretive selective group of the apparent inner circle, which at first excluded Biden, and finally the orchestrated manipulated push for a special prosecutor, isolating Trumps AG, the begging of the Witch hunt with specific released of bias data to keep the Media reporting hot an heavy bias Bull Shit.

    What is even worse, is the fact that this whole thing is taking years to come out and that is exactly what the Progressive have been doing to get control to rule this country. It is beyond sick, and they should all be prosecuted if for nothing less then Obstruction of the Constitution. The first time in the History of this country did we not have a clean and un bias change of Government Administration.

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