BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Caught STEALING Funds

Why hasn’t mainstream media talked about this yet?

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan is in big trouble with the Internal Revenue Service as it has been discovered she lied to them.

Documents discovered during an investigation into potential campaign finance violations showed that she filed a joint tax return with a man she was not married to.

  1. It’s OK for her to lie, she is a Muslim. That is what their holy book tells them to do when dealing with infidels. She has no loyalty to or becoming an American, send her and every Muslim refugee back to where they came from.

  2. Better question. Why has she not been arrested? Even better question. Why is she a Rasheed and Ocrazio still in office? And even better question. Why do you idiots keep calling them reps? They are ENEMIES of the United States. And the best question. Why have WE THE PEOPLE allowed this freak show to continue? they are doing everything they can to as they say. TRANSFORM THE UNITED STATES INTO WHAT THEY WANT. Which is MUSLIM. GET THAT YET? MUSLIM. They are taking your kids in the so called schools. THEY ARE NOT. They are straight up INDOCTRINATION CENTERS. Yet you bust your A _ses to make sure your kids are stuffed into these so called colleges. For them or for YOU? Our so called law enforcement is no way that anymore. They are AGENTS OF THE STATE. it’s coming apart folks. Hope you are happy with the results. You most definitely are about to REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN. ENJOY.

  3. Maybe if justice had been served for marrying her brother, all these other crimes would not have happened? Isn’t that why we have laws” They are good for nothing if we don’t enforce them.

    1. Until the liberal democrats face up to their responsibility as representatives of we the people and quit putting party first then this sort of travesty will continue. The party needs to make a statement as to the inappropriate actions of these Muslim persons instead of trying to defend the indefensible .

  4. Indict her for Criminal Fraud, Impeach her and Deport her. She said she hates America, so send her back home to her mud hut.

    1. I agree she should be sent back where she came from since she lied and cheated to get her citizenship. Her fellow democrats stay silent because being politically correct is recognized as a way to be labeled a racist. Obeying the law and being held accountable for breaking the law in no way makes you a racist or islamaphobic. It does not matter what religion you are or what color you are, it does not matter what sex you are, the law is there to keep people honest. If you cannot be a law abiding citizen then how can you work as a lawmaker! Omar does not appreciate the gift of being a citizen in this great country. She has spit in our collective faces. She is a person of hate and sows her divisive plans to overthrown our government with the help of those she respects and is loyal to, the radical organizations of terror. REMOVE HER NOW! AND ALL WHO WORK TO DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN.

  5. We Republicans have had our share of bad guys in the party, but being a criminal seems to be a prerequisite to be a Democrat.

  6. Why is this IMMIGRATION FRAUD committing INCEST LOVING BBIGAMIST who has violated Campaign Finance laws and NOW INCOME TAX LAWS doing in Congress instead of JAIL. Toss her and her lover/brother out. This is why Congress should NEVER be allowed to handle their own CRIMES. Anyone not a Democrap would have already been sent packing and as she should be barred for life from this NATION and that means even as a foreign dignitary.

  7. Mucking Fuslim needs to be sent back to the shit*ole country from which she came along wilh all of the other Fuslims in the U.S.


  9. Has she started her act of being a victim and crying saying I didn’t do it. Bull shit you Muslim liar and you are the c..t of all-time. Go back to your anti American Muslims. You do not belong in Congress along with your little twit friends. No wonder we have so much hate in this country!!

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