BREAKING: Ginsburg Comment Leaves LIBERALS Speechless

Liberals around the world need a tissue right now…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg publicly praised colleague Brett Kavanaugh for helping establish Supreme Court history with an unprecedented move that progressives will surely praise.

“Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew. Thanks to his selections, the Court has this Term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks,” she said.

However, Ginsburg cautioned that further progress is needed for equal gender representation.

“Women did not fare nearly as well as advocates,” Ginsburg explained. “Only about 21 percent of the attorneys presenting oral argument this term were female; of the 34 attorneys who appeared more than once, only six were women.”

After a controversial confirmation battle, Kavanaugh followed through on his promise to hire only female clerks.

  1. I’m sick of the racist, and sexist DemRats. They disgust me. Now Kavanaugh is playing their game. Great.

    1. Excuse me! That’s the dumbest remark I have ever read. I for one am not sexist, but I do believe woman can and should do what is right for them, if they choose to stay at home ( if they can afford to) then so be it, if they choose a career then so be it, but their place us not in the kitchen no more than yours would be in the ditches. You sir are a toad.

    2. Really? Were it not for Rosie the Riveter, you and everyone else in the free world would be speaking German. Women, as men, should follow their hearts, choose their futures, be it mother, engineer, doctor, scientist, etc.. No one has the right to dictate where we belong. Lincoln freed the slaves over a century and a half ago. I chose to be a mother, then when the children were older, began my professional career. MY choice, not yours, not anyone else’s. May God bless you, joe, and may your heart and mind be opened to the truth.

  2. This just shows me Kavanaugh is not as apolitical as most conservatives thought he was. In fact this just show bias !

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