Bombshell Evidence PROVES This Major Incident Was Planned From The Start

Several months ago, the news was filled with stories about a supposed ‘insurrection’ at the Capitol.

Patriotic Trump supporters were shown as having broken in to the Capitol, disrupted proceedings, and made a mess of the place.

And yet less than a week after those events, it was reported that the FBI apparently knew there was going to be trouble at the Capitol.

Despite this, there was not enough of a security presence at the Capitol and protesters were able to get inside.

That brings up two questions.

Did the FBI let it happen deliberately for darker purposes?

If so, was that purpose to arrest Trump supporters and charge them with various offenses?

The jury is out on that.

But now there’s some new evidence implying it was a set-up…

According to this American patriot, who is a US Marine veteran who worked overseas at a US Embassy, the doors on the US Capitol are electronically controlled magnetic locked doors. And someone inside the security booth at the US Capitol opened the doors!

Here is what we were told.

Retired Marine: We’re on the top level now – about 15 feet from the doors just before they opened up. People are yelling and screaming. Everyone’s cheering, all kind of stuff. It’s chaotic. But we’re just kind of there. And then all of the sudden the doors open up from the inside. I have a picture taken about two seconds before the doors opened. And then I have a picture taken about six seconds later and the doors were open.

Jim Hoft: And they were not opened from the outside?

Retired Marine: They were opened from the inside. Now one of the stories I read recently was that some Marine, some Marine Major, went inside and managed to run around and open up the doors. And I think that was on your website, as well. But here’s what I can tell you about magnetic locks. If a door is locked by a mag lock it cannot be opened from the outside or the inside unless the person controlling that door opens that door by turning off the magnetic lock which those doors according to the photos I took are equipped with.

The Gateway Pundit

This is highly suspicious, and it suggests that there was some kind of arrangement in place for when protesters arrived.

An arrangement that would allow them to enter the Capitol.

It’s not likely these doors would casually be opened because of poor security practices.

After all, it’s the Capitol building!

And these doors aren’t like any random doors – they’d have to be opened from the inside:

Retired Marine: Now these magnetic locks, I worked in the American embassy overseas. They are very, very strong.

Jim Hoft: I’m sure and they, you would think at the US Capitol they would have top security there.

Retired Marine: Now to give you an idea how strong they are, you could tie a chain to the handlebars of the door and tie it onto a truck. And you can take off with the truck and it is probably going to rip the door handles off but it is not going to open that door. The only way those doors can be opened if they want to be opened is from inside a security booth that is also equipped with a magnetic lock.

The Gateway Pundit

If there was no intention of opening those doors, there would have been no chance of anyone gaining entry…

Retired Marine: If those magnetic locks had been engaged, in other words, if Capitol Police did not want people opening that door. Now I can understand they might say, “We had police outside so we didn’t want to engage them.” If they did not want those magnetic locks open, there is NOTHING, nothing, no person, no group of people, no hundreds of people who could have opened those doors. No one. Unless the Capitol Police wanted those doors open. As soon as those doors were open, I was lifted off my feet. There was a forward momentum.

The Gateway Pundit

So as far as we can tell, there was a deliberate choice made to open the doors.

For what reason remains unknown, but a shocking 494 people have so far been arrested for being involved in some way with what took place inside the Capitol.

From a quick glance at the list, a significant chunk seem to be Trump supporters.

From that, you can draw your own conclusions

But what’s clear is that people were allowed access to the Capitol, rather than forcing their way in.

That means it most definitely wasn’t unplanned.

  1. Fellow Americans we have been AT WAR since the Bush White House and 9/11; but Donald John Trump saw thru the “smoke screen” and disabled the machinery that had been put in place to destroy our republic and Our CONSTITUTION. Donald Trump had LEGIONS of Patriots that showed up everywhere He went while Joe Biden filled small rooms with reporters and few supporters–they knew they could never win SO THEY CHEATED. There is a movie I’ve been working on that has to be cut down from Five Hours to One that details the CONSPIRACY. gary

  2. When I first watched the Jan/6 videos
    the obvious thing I noticed is where is the fbi, and capital police backup. There were none to be seen, and with the fbi monitoring the social networks
    they knew in advance that Trump was having his rally. Glad to hear that someone is noticing what I noticed from the start.

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