BLM Forces Whole Street To Close For 1 Absurd Reason

BLM are an unhinged group of radicals who enjoy causing trouble for no good reason.

This time they shut down a whole street in New York, all because of this:

A mob of Black Lives Matter terrorists shut down a block of businesses in New York because it “insulted” them for the businesses to be open on Malcolm X’s birthday.

The mob roved through 125th Street in Harlem on Wednesday and forced businesses to honor Malcolm X by closing shop.

“Every store on 125th Street was notified that it is Malcolm X’s birthday, so if you’re open, we take that as disrespect!” one of the activists shouted into a bullhorn.

The Gateway Pundit

So for a reason as minor as the birthday of a notable figure, they closed down a whole street…

How typical for BLM radicals.

It doesn’t matter what happens to anyone else, as long as they get what they want.

Here’s a clip of them in the middle of their protest.

One business didn’t close down, so BLM forced them to shut.

As Robby Starbuck says, this is mob rule.

It’s also one more reason why Democrats want to defund the police.

Democrat policies in deep-blue states enable BLM to get away with this stuff, and that’s why they work hand-in-hand.

The best solution is to put America First Republicans in office who aren’t afraid to tackle BLM head-on.

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