BLM Co-Founder Quits After Hypocrisy Exposed

Patrisse Cullors is one of the co-founders of BLM, but now she’s no longer involved.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) today announced that BLM Co-Founder and current Executive Director, Patrisse Cullors, would be transitioning from her role, and named two Senior Executives to support the organization.

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Turns out she got into some hot water over her wealth.

Last year, after the presidential election, local Black Lives Matter activists began asking questions about the movement’s finances, after it raised massive amounts of cash from corporate America, but little filtered down to local communities.

Last month, real estate website reported that the “37-year-old social justice visionary” noted that Cullors (also known by her married, hyphenated surname, Khan-Cullors) had bought a $1.4 million compound in the Los Angeles enclave of Topanga. The New York Post reported that the Topanga home was one of four Cullors owned, which included a Georgia ranch with an airplane hangar. (Cullors, like many other prominent Black Lives Matter leaders, is a “trained Marxist.”)

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Looks like this anti-American Marxist has done quite well out of the capitalist system.

How ironic.

Does she really want to abolish it, or is she just a professional grifter earning money from naive progressives?

That’s something only she knows.

There’s no problem with her being a millionaire or owning a few homes.

That’s possible with the freedom American life gives us.

But using that freedom to accumulate wealth and property while belonging to BLM and opposing capitalism is nothing other than hypocritical.

Her fellow radicals caught on too.

The revelations prompted more protest from activists, and spurred calls for an independent investigation of the movement’s finances.

Breitbart News

In her defense, Cullors said she’d got other income sources, and the BLMGNF said she’d only had $120,000 from them since 2013.

But she’s clearly been getting most of her money from other sources.

These are:

Teaching students as a college professor, spreading her views as an author and a YouTube creator, and being a TV producer.

All of these roles are made possible by a capitalist economy in a developed country.

BLM wants to tear America down and reduce it to the level of a socialist basketcase like Cuba or Venezuela, as well as opening the borders and blaming white people for everything.

Yet its co-founder is getting rich off the back of that radicalism, all while living a life of luxury.

That really does speak for itself.

Cullors should be ashamed of her double-life as a wealthy American and a radical anti-American activist.

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