BLM City Leader Quits After Discovering 1 Shocking Fact

Black Lives Matter is an organisation dedicated to left-wing activism and violent riots.

It engages in both of these activities because of the ideas that drive it.

The leader of BLM in Minneapolis came to realise this, and couldn’t remain in his position any longer.

Minneapolis BLM leader Rashad Turner said he quit after learning the “ugly truth” about the Marxist organization’s priorities.

“In 2015, I was the founder of Black Lives Matter in St. Paul,” Rashad Turner said in a YouTube video.

“I believed the organization stood for exactly what the name implies – black lives do matter,” he said. “However, after a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding black families.”

“I was an insider in Black Lives Matter and I learned the ugly truth – the moratorium on charter schools does not support rebuilding the black family. But it does create barriers to a better education for black children,” he added.

The Gateway Pundit

BLM’s name itself is a deception.

It uses that name to gain sympathy and support from the black community and beyond.

What it does is another matter altogether.

It is no surprise that Turner found BLM didn’t actually want to help black families.

The family is the bedrock of every traditional society.

But with Marxist principles at the heart of its decision-making, BLM could never support the nuclear family without being hypocrites.

Here’s the full video where Turner explains his choice.

Another prominent African-American has called out BLM too.

Breonna Taylor’s mom went off on BLM and said the organization has not helped her family at all after her daughter was shot and killed by police during a raid.

“I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud, Attica Scott another fraud,” Breonna’s mom Tamika Palmer said in a Facebook post.

The Gateway Pundit

BLM should be called out for what they are, without any fear of being called a racist or labelled as an oppressor.

They harm the people they claim to support, and they harm everyone else with their constant violence and disruption.

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