Bill Gates Takes CHEAP SHOT At Trump

This was a mistake.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Microsoft founder Bill Gates claimed that President Trump and his administration made serious mistakes with their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Breitbart, Gates stated, “Why wasn’t there a federal testing plan? Why didn’t we get the turn around on the testing down? Why aren’t we getting tests out to low-income, minority communities? Serious mistakes were made.”

He then said, “The U.S. had the lowest compliance with masks use of any country. Didn’t have the leadership message there.”

Adding, “Some of the policies were a mistake. Opening up bars – the economic benefit versus the infection risk – a lot of activities like that made it a mistake. So now, in most of the U.S., we need to absolutely avoid those things. We need to distance. We need to use masks. We’ve seen that in Europe they had the dramatic falloff. It didn’t spread into other communities. Their leadership communicated with a clear voice. Their scientists were encouraged to go on TV rather than banned, and their population benefited. The death rate in those countries has gone down very dramatically.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: Yahoo Finance

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  1. Gates, of the DemocRATS had been in control we would be in worse shape, they believe government should handle everything and 90% of the DemocRAT Politiond are incompetent and clueless on fixing anything! Look at DemocRAT run cities a catastrophe on everyone!

  2. Bill Gates may be rich, but is one dumb creep. Just shows you, money does not help improve your mentality and IQ. Any body that can support the Rotten Dumbocraps has to be very stupid and evil.

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