Biden Slams Door In Victim’s Face

This man is ruthless.

During a recent Yahoo News town hall, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden claimed that he hasn’t watched any of Tara Reade’s interviews and “apparently, there’s a lot of other people who are wondering whether or not it happened.”

According to Breitbart, Yahoo’s Brittany Shepherd asked, “I want to ask you, just very simply, Mr. Vice President, if you have watched any of Tara Reade’s interviews, like the one she did with Megyn Kelly?”

Biden replied, “No, I haven’t.”

Biden later stated, “Look, here’s the deal, every woman has a right to be heard. Every woman should be able to come forward. Every woman should be presumed that they were telling the truth. And then it should be investigated by serious reporters like you and others to determine what the truth is. And the truth is, this never, ever happened. It never, ever happened. And what I’m reading now online and what I’m seeing in the national press, apparently, there’s a lot of other people who are wondering whether or not it happened.

You can watch a clip of Biden’s comments here.

Image credit: Business Insider

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  1. Biden is a loser and a pervert. He needs to be in prison. Tara Reade was just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Hey Nitwit, no one is more of a pervert than donny the clown trump. Have you heard him on tape admitting to grabbing pussy? Also, how about him walking into the girls dressing room at his pageants while they were undressing. How about around 20 women accusing him of despicable acts against them. IDIOT!

  2. Did Ex-Vice President Biden sexually abuse Ms. Reade before or after he talked to Ukraine President Porshenko about the Quid Pro Quo against the Attorney General in Ukraine for investigating Joe Biden’s son (Hunter).. I believe the call said over the $1 Billion Dollar loan.. Am I correct here??

  3. It doesn’t matter this particular pedo-perv will never ever ever ever ever ever be President. You’d have to have so much hatred in your heart not to be able to see that. Hatred clouds reality. You can’t see things for what they are only what you want it to be

    1. No one is more of a perv than that thing in the dirty house, donny trump. Spying on girls that were in his beauty pageants getting undressed and also around 30 women say he abused them.

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