Biden Receives TERRIBLE News

This is what he gets…

Joe Biden has been having a hard time getting people to support him especially since he hasn’t been on the road like Trump.

A recent poll has revealed that the states that Biden used to be leading Trump in, has been dissolving.

Biden’s lead is only by one point now, 48% to 47%.

A director of the poll, Dr. Michael Binder stated, “While some polls have shown Biden with a big lead in Florida and other key states, we made an effort to capture hard-to-reach voters and our results suggest that it might be a long night on November 3rd. This is Florida, and elections are never easy here, I expect this race to come down to the wire.”

A report from the Times stated, “With 14 days to go before the election, Mr. Biden had an average lead of 3.9% in six battleground states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Arizona. Mrs. Clinton held a 4.4% lead in those states at this juncture.”

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Washington Examiner

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  1. Do not believe polls, here you have Biden who should be in jail and Pbama should have put him there! He knee Biden was doing criminal acts, the same as Hillsry! But Obama was always touting his administration never had a scandal.

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