Biden LIES About Vote-By-Mail On Live Air

They are blatantly lying to America!

Recently on WISN’s “Up Front,” presidential hopeful Joe Biden claimed that there was “no evidence whatsoever” of fraud caused by mail-in voting.

According to Breitbart, WISN’s Matt Smith questioned, “President Trump tweeted today. He went after a number of states that are beginning to send out absentee ballot applications. Wisconsin is considering doing the same ahead of the November election. Is there concern this could lead to more fraud? This push to vote early?”

Biden responded, “I will tell you what, you mean Trump fraud? Look, he’s sitting in the White House filling out absentee ballots to vote in a primary in Florida. Now, why is it not fraud when he does it, and anyone else would do it? There’s no evidence whatsoever.”

Adding, “We ought to be able to make sure that we have ballot by mail, early voting, and in-person voting. You’re able to do that if, in fact, you have enough poll workers ahead of time, they’re trained, and scientists come in and tell you how you sanitize a polling place so people can still vote. There are ways to do that, but don’t do what you did last time in Milwaukee. Don’t shut down. I don’t know how many scores of polling places in minority neighborhoods and they only have five places open, so people have to line up close to one another for a long time.”

You can watch a clip of Biden’s comments here.

Image credit: Los Angeles Times

  1. Of course there is no voter fraud because if the DNC gets their Soviet government THERE IS NO VOTE.

    1. BIDEN IS VERY MUCH LIKE SCHIFF AND PELOSI. NOT A TRUTHFUL WORD/S COME OUT OF Biden’s mouth. he doesnt remember what he says. By Nov. his mind will be totally in the poop tank. Biden is told what to say. ANd who knows if he isnt hooked up to a ear plug like HELL-ERY was so she was fed the answers. Biden can too. IT IS THE ONLY WAY HE CAN TALK. ANY LIES HE TELLS ABOUT TRUMP IS PLANNED. SOMEDAYS HE DOESNT REMEMBER HE DOESNT HAVE TO GO TO WORK WITH Obama. He is hiding in the basement. Cant handle crowds of more than 25. He gets a stuttering, stammering and then freezes. Like last week when Del. got its independence on DEC 7yh. Pearl Harbor day. What his family is fdoing allowing this corrupt,liar with no memory continue on. Maybe it is because they have NO ONE else in their party. Not one.

  2. One has to remember,That the pre-requisite of being a politician in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party, you must be a good liar, well you got a lilac Obama and Clinton or the tops but Obama takes the cake! Anybody who believes any Democrat may as well believe the devil. Anyone who votes for a Democrat in this country, it’s their children and is putting people in power that will enslaved their children with no less than debt , Not only them but their children and their children’s children that’s how much they have wrecked our system with debT,Of course always hiding behind humanism to mask their demonically evil agenda. If you haven’t learned with this so-called coronavirus going on with the Democrat mayors and governors how they’re flexing their muscles over writing their bonds against the constitution trying to take your freedoms away that’s just to start put them in power and you’ll find out how it is to live in Venezuela Russia or China and you better not open your mouth!

  3. You only have to look at the States registration lists to see the problem, let alone consider how these votes are to be vetted or collected. The IRS can’t ever stop mailing SS checks to deceased voters, nor is their a procedure to notify you moved out of state and are no longer entitled to vote in that state, but you can register in another state without a hitch.

    We should be making voting more secure, not less secure. We need photo ID’s, and vetted registration, not making it easier. Voting is an honor, a privilege, not a political convince.

  4. The only reason trump and the rest of you asshole republicans are afraid of mail-in ballots is because you know the clown trump will lose.I’ve been reading articles in newspapers and they all say it’s a lie and there is no widespread voter fraud.

  5. Biden can’t complete a sentence without a teleprompter and even with it he has problems.

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