Biden HUMILIATED, Erupts On Innocent Reporter

This shows how unfit he is to be president…

Joe Biden lashed out on Tuesday at a reporter in Iowa after he was checked for claiming to draw the largest crowd of any Democrat running for president by the journalist.

The incident in question began when Biden told voters that he was not concerned about the crowds drawn by his more liberal opponents. “What I’m trying to do is go around from town to town. And I’m drawing as big of crowds — bigger than anybody,” the former vice president said. “Have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me here in this state?”

However, Biden’s attempt at bravado fell flat, with people in the crowd responding to his question with “yes.” One of those was a reporter for Fox News, Peter Doocy, who informed Biden that he had seen more people at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s events.

According to Doocy and others present, the former vice president responded poorly to the live fact check. Biden attacked Doocy just moments after their initial exchange, suggesting that his reporting was biased.

“I mean, I know you, I know you’re going to go after me no matter what I’ve got,” Biden said. “Yeah, you, and it’s okay. Good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.”

This is not the first time Biden’s temper has flared when questioned by media. Biden entered into a heated back and forth earlier this month with Joel Pollak, a senior editor at Breitbart News, for misquoting the response of President Donald Trump to the neo-Nazis marching on Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Biden has constantly stated since declaring his candidacy that Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people,” when the president had effectively said white supremacists should at the moment of the event be “condemned totally.” In reality, while debating the non-violent demonstrators from both left and right who had collected in Charlottesville to make their emotions known about removing a Confederate monument, the “very fine people” comment was made.

The former vice president erupted when Pollak raised the issue with Biden.

“No, he did not. He said, he walked out, and he said — let’s get this straight,” Biden said. “He said there were ‘very fine people’ in both groups. They’re chanting antisemitic slogans, carrying flags.”

The campaign team of Biden and his allies subsequently tried to spin the altercation positively

Last week, Biden’s team used a similar strategy when attacking the media to cover the persistent gaffes of the candidate.

“This is a press narrative, not a voter narrative,” Symone Sanders, the campaign’s spokeswoman, told CNN when asked if the gaffes were hurting Biden’s candidacy — as polling seems to suggest.

  1. Between Joe Biden and Warren I don’t know who’s the bigger liar. Warren promises every thing she can think of but there is no way people will go for taxing the middle class..She is in the one percent of the elites. Her idea is her taxes won’t go up because she would pass law all in Congress will not have to go by that law. Democrat party did it with Obama care. Don’t trust any Democrat running. They want to be dictators not president for the American people. Any Democrat that gets in will destroy America. Will be a third world country.

      1. Biden seems to have a themper issue. He can’t control it. This man is totally not fit mentally tp be president. aI WONT SAY LYING BUT HE STRETCES THE TRUTH AND TURNS THE WORDS AROUND TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK OKAY. This man has been in government for 40+ years. he is not, was not even the man to be president. He always was the side-kick. He has some deep family secrets revolving his sons, deals in China and the. misuse of words. He is not mentally capable. or even physically capable of the difference in one day, that he would have to be prepared for. He cant handle crowds, he cant campaign 2x a day in different places. he cant draw a crowd of 20,000 on inside and 10,000 outside. He confuses easily. Does he wear hearing aids? If not, he needs to get a pair. Biden needs to drop out before he makes a complete fool of himself and embarrasses his family.

  2. Never expect a so called Democrat, or Commieonazicrat as I have called them, to be honest or honorable on any level. They are liars, cheats and thieves, and that is the best of them.

  3. So Biden attacks two reporters from more conservative leaning outlets and basically accuses them of doing it due to political bias. To quote Joe, ” Hey man, what about truth and facts? “. This clown asks about the crowd size and when someone who goes to his events answers he flies off the handle. How would he like to be President Trump, where virtually every reporter hates him and is out to crush him? He certainly could not handle it. Wanna send him off to the home. Ask him about the Ukraine, China, and his son Hunter.

  4. Biden is and always has been a dolt! He looks very old and tired. He will never be able to keep up the pace for 18 months. His other charm, is stepping on his “Johnson” every time he opens his yap!His middle name is Gaff. His real problem is the tread marks on his face from h good pal Barack, throwing him under the bus, regularly. After 8 years of kissing Muslim ass, all he got was tread marks.

  5. A certain democrat who I will not name that went further in politics said it best and what he said fits the current cast of democrats running for president perfectly an I quote:

    They will promise you everything and deliver nothing!

  6. A certain democrat who I will not name that went further than most in politics, said it best and what he said fits the current cast of democrats running for president perfectly and I quote:
    They will promise you everything and deliver nothing!
    Trump/Pence 2020 Landslide/Avalanche!

  7. This woman is desperate to become President. She doesnt care who runs but she cares that she wins. She is still twisting the truth. Can you imagine one or more foreign powers called her on some of her lies? We wouldn’t be thought of as honorable and knowledgable as she wants everyone to think of her as. She says she and Sanders could switch roles depending on who wins. A Sanders and Warren running the country is beyond being scared. The citizens of the United States do not want Socialism-Communism and that is exactly what we would wind up with after the voting. We are all ready a country that is split due to the Democrats not accepting the outcome of the Presidential race. The Democratic Party is no more, its leadership is under water, only in name only. The right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing!

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