Biden Endorses INSANE New Child Policy

This is sick.

During his most recent ABC town hall, rather than being asked some of the most pressing questions our country faces today, Biden was asked if he supports prepubescent children changing their gender.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Biden supported the idea of allowing young children to change their gender and said he would roll back President Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the military.

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: BBC

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  1. Biden is out of his mind. Anyone voting for him is insane. An 8 year old deciding go be Transgender? I have nothing against anyone deciding what to do with their lives once they understand what life is about. This is absurd and he’s as big a crack head as his son.

  2. It is a bigger danger to be putting prepubescent children through such sexualization nonsense as it is to force a child to get a job at 8. Let children be children and stop the public instruction of deviant sexual behavior. Once the have gone through puberty and are of legal age, they can decide.

  3. This is just more of Pedo Joe’s PANDERING to any and all for votes. There is no such thing as a Transgender. Pedo Joe won’t be the one getting into the White House if Democraps cheat their way to a win. That will be the Ho.

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