Biden COVERS For Obama’s Crimes

Democrats can cook up just about anything.

Recently on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden insisted that the DOJ dropping Flynn’s charges was an act of “diversion” by President Donald Trump.

According to Breitbart, Biden stated, “I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn, number one. Number two, this is all about diversion. This is a game this guy blames all the time. The country is in crisis. We’re in an economic crisis, a health crisis, we’re in real trouble. He should stop trying to always divert attention from the real concerns of the American people. The American people are worried, with good reason. He has acted irresponsibly from the very beginning. He continues to act irresponsibly. He hasn’t done his job. This is all about diverting attention, diverting attention from the horrible way in which he has acted with what — we don’t have coronavirus because of him, but we have the devastating impact of it because of his lack of a policy, his lack of action. It’s all about diversion.”

“[L]ook, I don’t know the detail of where we are right now,” he added. “My point is a simple one: focus on what’s in front of us. You have plenty of time to investigate this issue. I think there’s nothing there there, but it’s not a surprise that, in fact, the Justice Department decided anybody who was an ally of the president didn’t do anything wrong ever anyway.”

You can watch a clip of Biden’s comments here.

Image credit: NBC News

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  1. Joe, the act of diversion is from you, Obama, and the rest of your party trying lay the blame of the virus on Trump to hide the scandals now being revealed after four years. And these are your scandals, that you claim we have plenty of time to look into. No Joe, it’s taken this long to get to the truth and you just want to hide it further.

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