Beto Uses THIS Major Issue To SLANDER Trump

How much lower could he possibly go…

On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) said President Donald Trump was “driving” violence by giving racism “new life.”

O’Rourke said, “When he was making his case to the country, announcing his candidacy for the presidency, he talks about Mexican immigrants as rapist and criminals, repeatedly warned of invasions from Mexico and Central America, called asylum seekers animals, called them killers, called them predators, put their children in cages, deported their parents back to the very countries from which they fled —and you talked about this a little bit in the run-up to this interview—at that rally in May in Florida, when he’s warning of this invasion and he says how do we stop these people, someone yells out shoot them, and the crowd roars their approval, and he smiles. He says this is okay. And in the face of gun violence that has claimed 40,000 lives just in the last year, he’s done nothing. He’s complicit, actually corrupted by the NRA. So he’s driving a lot of this violence. I want to make clear, racism in America did not start with Donald Trump but he’s given it new life. He’s welcomed it into the open, and along with that, the violence that drove somebody literally 600 miles from Allen, Texas, to El Paso to kill 22 people in this city.”

He added, “We have got to connect those dots or we’re not going to stop the next mass shooting or the next act of domestic terrorism inspired by white supremacy.”

  1. Like most democrat politicians , if you have nothing else to say claim your opponent is a racist , white supremacist !!! Beto has absolutely no plan other the run his mouth , how can anyone think to support this loud mouth idiot !!! Sorry El Paso he is yours !!!

  2. Lordy, Lordy! We, are ALL-so darned TIRED-OF ‘BETO’! Every time that fool, opens his mouth-attempting to be ‘relevant’-he just makes as ‘ASS’-of himself! PLEASE-ROBERT O’ROURKE-GO AWAY! YOU ARE MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF & A LAUGHING STOCK WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! ‘FLAP-FLAP!

  3. Beto, wrong he said the winners in open borders are the illegal criminals, rapists, child molesters, drug cartel, and coyotes. The losers are the people killed, maimed, murdered, children molested, robbed, and the tax payers now over 340 billon a year for states and federal government!

  4. The only division and hatred created in this country is by the democrats themselves, and fanned by frauds like Francis (NOT Beto) O Rourke.

    1. Obama divided America for 8 years, crippled out economy. Obama believes in divide and conquer, however, he didn’t succeed. Trump has for the last 21/2 years cleaned up Obama’s messes and continues to do so. Trump loves America (which Obama hates but won’t leave). Trump has done more for America in the last 2 1/2 years than any president in the last 20 years. Trump can only do so much because of the Deep State ideology and deep pockets….. but WE THE PEOPLE can object to the Deep State….. WE THE PEOPLE can take care of the Deep State.

  5. I used to think that AOC had the market cornered on Stupidity but now I’m not so sure as Beto is running a very close 2nd to AOC however because of his TDS he is definitely just as mentally deranged as she is

  6. Beto has all of the sincerity of a prostitute’s kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry Beto, you are out of your mind! The Racism and violence has all come from the Democrats. They incite violence, remember what Mad Max did! You need to go home and grow up, learn to run a business and be a nice person. How about you volunteer to help people that have less that you have. All the Democrats care about is themselves

  8. I guess Robert Francis is too stupid to realize he is no longer a contender (not that he ever was) and his anal remarks do nothing more than prove his incompetence.

  9. All the Democrats have no viable candidate or platform…. Most of the Democratic candidates are for socialism and control…. People…. look at the socialistic candidates….. Do you really want them having total control of your life? They are so lousy they can’t even control their own lives must lest the lives of millions of Americans…..
    OH!!!! Wait!!!!! I Forgot!!!!!! These socialistic Democrats aren’t for you and me who are called, “AMERICAN CITIZENS.” They are for the illegals, no guns, everyone receives the same amount of money monthly, they decide where you live, work, what you wear, where your kids go to school, if you are allowed to worship… remember…. these socialists monitor your every movement…. i guess next these socialists will be telling me I am using too much toilet paper…..

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