Bernie Sanders BLASTS McConnell Demands More COVID Relief

Here’s what he had to say…

Recently on CNN, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called the bipartisan coronavirus relief proposal “a start” and tore into Mitch McConnell’s “laughable” proposal.

According to Brietbart, Sanders stated McConnell’s proposal “is literally laughable. He doesn’t have a nickel for unemployment supplements. We provided, in the past, at least $600 a week. He doesn’t have a penny. All over this country, people are worried about being evicted. There is no $1,200 check for those people. So, I think his proposal is literally laughable.”

Adding, “I think the other proposal brought forth may be a start for discussions. But we’ve got to go a lot further than what that proposal now entails. For example, that proposal does not have the $1,200. I would do $2,000 a month of stimulus check, but it’s a start. But we’ve got to build on that.”

You can watch a clip of Sanders’ comments here.

Image credit: Los Angeles Times

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