Barr Makes a FOOL Out of Dianne Feinstein

It only took 5 words for Attorney General William Barr to completely shut down Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein during his congressional testimony. 

Feinstein tried to imply that President Trump was responsible for some sort of collusion saying that Trump tried to change his lawyers account to “prevent further criticism of himself.”

However Barr didn’t miss a beat and immediately replied, “well that’s not a crime.” 

Just like that, another Democrat inspired hoax falls by the wayside. 

  1. Actually, Sen. Feinstein has long been a fool! It was a very simply matter for a MUCH SMARTER Barr to show her to be the FOOL SHE IS!

    1. Don, I would like to know how a employee would work for her 20 years (her driver) and not know that he was from China, not a citizen and how loose her mouth was when being escorted around. Her husband works with China ties and it seem or rumored that she has steered legislation to his business. When will we ever hear that she is being watched? Or,, is that not open to discuss with what has been happening with the dirty cops covering for Hillary.. jst a thought?

      1. I agree with you. As an American citizen, I feel these long time “workers” in the White House, (Congress or Senate) should be thoroughly investigated just as they are pushing Donald J Trump’s investigation. They are responsible to the citizens of the United States of America. There should be a time period they can serve just as it is with the President.

      2. Joe Biden has even stronger ties with the Chinese. His son Hunter has business dealings there. Joe made a statement in one of his campaign speeches recently that the US has nothing to fear from China, that they are the US’ friend. He is soft on the one country that really can wipe out the US.

        1. Sleepy Biden was fucking dog of kiss ass and protect China bc of his bussiness there if not they will shutdown them then all Biden will bet some as begger after??!!

          1. Let’s not forget his Ukraine deals. Sleepy joe is just as crooked as Hillary and his boss Obama

        2. Indeed he does! Check out #Joe China. The whole truth of his “collusion” with the Chinese is spelled out. Can hardly wait to see all the big Democrat heads explode in horror when the truth about who REALLY colluded with the Russians comes to light! It’s gonna be a circus. The reason they want to discredit A.G. Barr is they know the sh–t is about to hit the fan and they are covering their butts!

    2. While it’s true that ALL liberals claim an intellectual superiority over anyone else, it’s not really all that difficult to make a FOOL out of them!

    3. lets look into all of the democommunist party for crimes l bet there will be many major crumes n finestiend l bet hiding crimes she committing

    4. It’s just too bad Barr and Trump are corrupt! You idiots can’t even see how this admin is screwing you and future generations.

  2. She’s stunned with Barr’s answer, totally stunned was the expression on her rat ass face!

  3. I was laughing my ass off at how stupid Feinstein looked when confronted with the law, of which she knows nothing about………so funny. This was so much fun, to watch the Democrats make, yet again, complete asses of themselves.

  4. Feinstein is the one who, I believe, paid that Ford woman to lie about Kavanaugh. So, she should be closely investigated for her lies and crimes. The Democrats have a hate-filled syndrome against Trump and now includes Barr in their syndrome, a great abnormal problem.

    1. She and her husband also need to be investigated. For about 20 years she had a Chinese national as her personal driver. For years the Feinsteins have done business with the Chinese. How hard would it be for HER to give that driver American government secrets? Damned easy and she IS a crook and a liar. She’s a step behind Hillary in being crooked.

  5. It does not take much to make a fool out of her. She is almost as stupid as AOC. But, she is a liberal Dimwit ( an oxymoron) which explains her utter moronic utterances.

    1. Not an oxymoron. That would be something like a “jumbo shrimp”. A “liberal dimwit” is more of a double negative. Still true, though, in every sense of the phrase! Lol

    2. Ur so right. Since i’m probably as old as she is – I feel very comfortable is saying retire her whether she likes it or not. She is TOTALLY useless.

    3. Absolutely. Not too hard to make a fool of Feinstein because she continually makes a fool of herself. Need to look into her ties to her Chinese chauffer of 20 years and her husband’s and her ties to China. Dianne, you should be worried about that instead of trying to take down Justice Cavanaugh and President Trump without justification. BTW, at her age she should be retiring and she’s a perfect example of why we need term limits.

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if the republicans had the balls to call for a special prosecutor to investigate obama admins involvement with ukraine officials looking to taint the 2016 election? or biden’s meddling in ukrainian affairs to help his son(of a bitch) out of a jam? The msm certainly isn’t going to do it!!!

    1. You are right on! Let’s hope the more Biden gets his face in the race, the Ukrainian money deals will sneak up behind him, sniff his hair, breath on the back of his neck, and wallah, the REAL JOE and sonny-money, will be thrown under the INVESTIGATION bus.

    2. Yes, it would be great. The more establishment GOP/Dem politicans that leave the better. Drain the swamp.

  7. She didn’t imply that was a crime and it was irresponsible of you say so. She said, as I remember, he changed lawyers in the hopes of improving his image. That’s it – no big deal.

  8. SHE’S a MENTAL CASE and needs to be IMPEACHED and ADMITTED TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL FOR SOME SERIOUS MENTAL EVALUATION’S.. Now what the AG William Barr needs to do is turn the tables on these DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS and SUBPOENA every damn ONE of them and make them TESTIFY in front of the DOJ and SENATE
    CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE and find out who the LYING THUGS are that started all this FAKE WITCH HUNT and PROSECUTE THEM.. And I Bet You That they would be Screaming FOUL , RACISM for a start..

    1. Ron, lets not forget the additional women to that list: Pelosi, Maxine , AOC, Omar, altho he is not a women but should be classified as one, Cummings, Nader heck lets just add all the Democrats ..They all have lost their minds.

  9. Feinstein should resign for her involvement in the judicial hearing on Cavanaugh. She knew Ford was a liar and it was a made up story from the beginning she is a rotten person trying to take down a decent human being. Feinstein, Booker, and Harris are all incompetent liars and should all resign for their involvement in their lying and trying to destroy a decent human being.

    1. I still haven’t heard of an investigation into her having a Communist Chinese Operative on her inner circle staff for over 20 years. I got a lot of questions about that. Like how much intel did he turn over to his handlers, how many of our operatives were compromised,and was this a quid pro quo for her husband getting sweet heart business deals with the Chinese Government???? If I were in her shoes I’d be keeping a low profile and thinking of retirement.

  10. This article is total elephant crap. I watched the Barr and pony show”
    If anyone was made a fool of it was Barr.
    I watched the questioning of Bar that was on TV and on the internet. What I saw was several democratic senators that chopped Barr into chopped liver. Like his boss (Trump) he lied his ass off.

  11. So exactly what did Barr do to make a fool out of Dianne Feinstein? Just let her open her own mouth and speak her worthless Liberal Mind which she is out of.

    The is as crazy as a shit house rat.

    1. First of all trump isn’t a politician second one thing I have learned politicians and lawyers have in common they lie their ass off to prove what they want you to think and believe not what you know

      If you want to be fair and impartial Obama and administration should be investigated
      They had more scandals than any modern president and thought they are better than the citizens

      If you want to get rich go into politics become members of Congress get life healthcare and retirement for even one permanent

      Citizens dont work less than 260 days a year and can vote themselves pay raises ignore doing their job spend our money for things that are luxeries endless political charge investigation while telling people who don’t investigate what they are saying instead of being like a fish swallowing hook line and sinker

  12. Wow are you stupid Dumbstein. Now get in your wheelchair with Pelosi and get the f–out of here.

  13. How conveniently the Dems forget how anyone on Facebook criticizing the thin skinned Obama during his presidency got a visit from the FBI and some even got arrested.

  14. AG Barr may have shut down Feinstein but she, Blumenthal, Inhono, Durbin, Harris, etc. did an even better job of making fools of themselves. Each one had to rely on their staff and notes to even open their two tongued mouths, yet, AG Barr with few if any notes was able to run rings around these idiots. This entire session was a farce. It was not by any means Q&A, it enabled these so-called democrat congressmen to bloviate with asinine comments.

  15. Too bad, I’m not allowed to comment; every time I want to read something unflattering to the Dimocrats as in dimwitted, I get blocked from reading more and nothing more.. Who is in charge of the ERROR 1020????????
    Who is bullying me?

  16. Sounds MORE like a ‘hollywood monologue’ ……stuff that has been very well rehearsed and put out to the public and the media……to me at least!

  17. obama, hillary, holder, linch, and many members of the deep state, should be on the No Fly list when
    the investigation start

  18. Ho ho ho, the Democratic fools continue to act foolish! The best part, if it was not so serious is they continue to lie with a straight face and stupid little smiles. The Democratic Party is quickly becoming the party of corruption and a pathetic joke!!!

  19. This site is disgraceful with censorship. I said nothing foul but you state I already stated it before. Your site is monitored by liberals.

  20. The neocon leftys are people that are stuck In a mud ditch and keep spinning there wheels and hope to get somewhere. It’s amazing to think that some activist organization paid to elect these anti-Americans and succeeded in fooling those that elected them.

  21. I do believe we must look into these Demorats behavior ……….they respond with such hate they surely are guilty of some of the great “hate crime laws” they have put on the books. I believe they need to be investigated by a Special Prosecutor and his team should only be made up of Republicans, so that it is fair like the Mueller team!!!!!!!

  22. IT never fails to See how Foolish SOME Folks Make themselves LOOK and Sound just as Ridiculous And Stupid as WE Already do KNOW THEY ARE…?>>Just BY Running their Mouths AND THINKING THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES IN THE ROOM WHO POSSESSES A SHRED OF Intellect ! SO>the really WISE ones…like President Trump AND I.G> Barr Can show them up To BE the Empty..Minded Idiots THEY REALLY ARE…. ( Being the REALLY Smart ONES they really are>> simply WALK AWAY With ”THEIR Smile Behind their HAND ! > That IS Something WE ARE Getting the MOST Enjoyment FROM>>>While WE WAIT FOR THE “”BIGGEST “EXPOSURE”” In OUR HISTORY>>IS BUILDING UP BEHIND THE SCENES>>AGAINST ALL OF THESE >>LIERS WHO THOUGHT THEY””HAD IT IN THE BAG !! “.

  23. I do not know why the American people do not physically rise up against the communist a.k.a. Democrat is all they have done since Trump came to power and somewhat before I’ve tried to destroy him by using whatever narrative they can’t to do that and if that improve enough that they’re trying destroy them I don’t know what would convince you that they were not. They are the party of communism they hate this country and they plan to destroy and they’re doing it in your face with the help of control of the media.

    1. Well said my vet brother. The storm is beginning to develope. Not only is Trump draining the swamp, he’s changing the swamp. These demoncrats see their rice bowl disappearing and they’re scared shitless. The power of right and truth is destroying their world, and they can’t handle it. I don’t want a bloody revolution but it may come and if it does , I know I’ll be there to get one more lick in before I die. Navy 67-71

    2. I know that California is a large state and has a lot of House members and two Senators, but how can all we know about them is the stupid ones. I believe it is time for the normal persons representing California to speak up against the stupid ones.

    3. How can you defend a President who is a con man, a demigogue, a sociopath, a liar, a narcicisist, a flip-floppier, and a pushy-Grabber?

      1. Because that is exactly what this country needs to win. He likes pushy omg. Impeach him lmao don’t be a idiot. He’s got country stronger than ever that includes the economy and he’s not finished. He actually wants to help the country The others are the real commies

    1. Barr did not make e a fool out of her she like all Democraps do that to themselves every time they open their mouths. Given that they all have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where their brains are supposed to be they are easily fooled but fools usually are.

  24. That woman (with the 50’s hairstyle) should have been investigated a while back- I smell something really fishy!!!

  25. Sadly it does not take much to make an ass out of Feinstein. It has been this way for many years now!

  26. I was totally disgusted at the disrespect and rudeness towards Barr during the hearings.. The accusations thrown at him was a disgrace. The Democrats are by far the sickest minded people ever.. Try doing something for America and stop being so hell bent of taking down Trump who has done more to make this country better than any president for many years. Economy is good, unemployment lowest ever, tax cuts, manufacturing coming back, These people are totally demented and have done NOTHING for America, In fact most of them have turned that back on Americans over illegals . Everyday we have murders, rapist, drugs, human trafficking and diseases coming into OUR country. It has to stop !!!! Besides it is Democrats who had collusion with Russia and all those involved should be prosecuted the sooner the better.

  27. Having watched Diannes lying on the Kavanaugh ‘s hearing .. another created lie that these Dems use over and over… She is as corrupt as the rest of the Dems. Her family is millionaires+++++++++ because of all the insider info.. receiving grants, etc from her “job” in the Senate. Dense as a board… but a typical Dem stooge.

  28. How to vote these people out of office is the question. They will not leave on their own. They have made to much money and want more. These elected officials should not be making millions of dollars. The love of money turns your heart from doing right. Reduce their salary. For every trip reimbursement they have to prove it was for the good of the country. Drain the swamp! Let Right prevail.

  29. Hardworking Americans do not have the time to watch the hearings of the various committees and thus snippits are released to the public via the media. The sad truth is if you are retired and want to be informed you have a choice to watch both sides present themselves and as one of those citizens to watch the the Democrats perform is a disgusting display of any sense of decency,decorum, respect, intellect, or patriotism to our Country or its people and this is not new just with the Trump Admin, it escalated with the election of 2008 and with the Progressives to move the country towards Socialism under the tutor age Of Obama and Clinton.

  30. I’m glad that he did. The whole situation is that the Democratic party is very afraid of A.G, Barr because he is starting to investigate several cases. These cases involve Hilary, her sending classified server, bleaching or wiping the server clear the e-mails, Uranium1 scandal, pay to play scandal. what really happened at Benghazi, Hatti scandal, Clinton Foundation , Dossier, Obama, and what ever she and her cohorts put their hands on. I wonder how many in the House are involved with her and her actions. How was the FBI influenced so that they could state that there was not a problem with her e-mails and so on. What are they, the Democrats hiding.? Best was for them to solve their problem is to try to impeach A.G. Barr or force him to step down. It was mentioned several times during the hearing for him to resign, had too many cases, or to step down. If this were to happen the House and the DNC could suggest or appoint their own investigator. It would be one that they could control, one who would go along with the Democratic party, and one who would find nothing wrong or nothing worth investigating. Hilary and her cronies would go free.

  31. The Republicans need to line up every one of those IMPEACHMENT HAPPY IDIOTS and give them ALL a big slap down!

  32. Just another “misguided Dem ” trying to hamper all the good things Trump is trying to put into place.

  33. Diane Feinstein does not need any help being shown a fool, she has been for more years than most people live!

  34. It’s truly a shame that our congressional electees can’t separate the law from politics. I thought that was one of the reason they went to school. Must have been interrupted by spring break.

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