AZ State Senator Makes Crucial Comment About Maricopa County Audit

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers toured the floor where the audit is taking place in Maricopa County, and shared it with her Twitter followers.

Wendy Rogers is a patriotic senator who has won the respect of many conservatives throughout the state.

Rogers, one of the most pro-America First members of the Arizona legislature, toured the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where the forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results is currently taking place, and was able to report back to her constitutents, and the rest of America, the current state of the audit on the ground.

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One of her comments is particularly important.

She said the results could be “legally actionable”.

Here’s further details on that.

With some questioning whether the audit would be “enough,” Rogers said that the results from the audit could potentially be “legally actionable,” as it would be able to determine whether errors were down to “accidental sloppiness” or deliberate intent. At the absolute minimum, the audit would be able to “inform legislation necessary to plug the gaps to restore the public’s confidence in Arizona’s elections.

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But the good news doesn’t end there, because it looks like this audit has some serious firepower behind it.

From the start of the audit, Rogers noted that the capabilities of the audit had about doubled in the capacity, with a much increased number of paper inspection tables and counting tables, allowing far more votes to be audited in a shorter amount of time. The CEO of CyberNinjas, the company hired to conduct the audit, had informed the audience that the physical data collection would now be completed by the end of June, with the full report to follow “sometime later.”

Rogers was able to describe the procedures on the floor of the audit, confirming that security was taken incredibly seriously by the volunteers and organisers. Tally sheets and ballots were only allowed to be moved if there were three things present, that being people, papers, and cameras. Contrary to the claims of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the data collection system used by CyFIR was “read only,” and couldn’t change any votes, with everything at the site also being videoed, Rogers said.

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Democrats like Hobbs are undoubtedly nervous about what this audit could reveal, and that’s why they’ve been so dismissive and worked so hard to oppose it.

Rogers also believes audits like this should become the “gold standard”.

Whatever happens, a report will be released and the truth shall be revealed.

We’ll be here to tell you all about it when that happens.

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