AZ Gov. Doug Ducey Just Proved He’s A RINO – Here’s Why

On Friday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey vetoed 22 bills.

Easily done when a weekend is coming up that allows you to avoid scrutiny.

One of these bills was a voter integrity bill that could have helped secure elections in the state.

Here’s his reasons why.

Very convenient for liberals to have someone they can rely on in a red state.

Ducey should be doing what Republican voters want, not putting their concerns to one side and saying he’ll come back later.

These politicians are there to serve us, not the other way round.

Ducey has made some pretty bad choices in the past too.

This isn’t the first time the governor showed his true colors.  Ducey ignored a boatload of evidence of potential fraud in the 2020 Election and signed off on the results anyways in November, while at the exact same time Rudy Giuliani and the Trump team were presenting their case in front of the Arizona legislature.

The Gateway Pundit

This is a slap in the face for MAGA supporters, and they shouldn’t forget it.

To then do this on top of that is even worse.

He’s also vetoed another bill that would have banned critical race theory from being funded by public entities.

The bills that Ducey vetoed were of course written to cover a wide range of topics, with two rather significant defeats. HB 2792, sponsored by State Representative Jake Hoffman, was a crucial piece of election integrity legislation, which would ban the mass mailing of ballots to voters that did not request them. And as National File reported, SB 1074, also originally introduced by Hoffman, bans public entities from promoting or using taxpayer dollars to fund anti-white critical race theory training.

The Gateway Pundit

Just who’s side is Ducey on?

Clearly not ours.

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  1. Gov. Ducey is a favorite of Democrats – he votes like one. He is DISGRACEFUL!

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