Arizona Under Siege As Single Largest Group Of Migrants Invade

Customs and Border Protection where nearly overwhelmed when the largest lone group of asylum seekers tunneled into the U.S. at the San Luis, Arizona border.

Video from ABC News shows hundreds of migrants waiting in line to voluntarily turn themselves in to officials.

Allegedly smugglers breached the wall by digging seven holes in succession and filing the migrants through them.

Customs and Border Protection showed that 179 of the 376 people who crossed over were children, with as many as 30 of them being unaccompanied minors. 

“That’s our No. 1 challenge that we have here in the Yuma sector, is the humanitarian problem,” stated CBP Yuma Border Sector Chief Anthony Porvaznik. “As I mentioned, 87 percent of the apprehensions here are family units and unaccompanied alien children.”

The migrants took advantage of a section of the border were an out-dated wall sits on soft sand. The section is patrolled by a group of merely three agents, who must also monitor an additional 26 miles of border. 

Obsolete fortifications and far too few workers are just some of the symptoms of woefully unprotected border. Here’s hoping Democrats will finally understand that the only way to end the invasion is with a secure and protected border. 

  1. Remarkable that no one has commented. I think this is really terrible. Looking at the pic. There are so many young people. I truly pray that President Trump does not halter in efforts to make our border, immigration stronger. These people have a country that probably need them, they should stay, work toward making their country a stronger, safer, more prosperous. Not come to Ame, to use our government ‘s social services, take our you people’s jobs.
    Send them back. They are not being abused, murdered, and they should not be awarded entry to our country.

    1. They’re legally requesting asylum!
      At a legal point of entry!
      What’s the problem?
      You have NO IDEA what they’re situation is!
      In over 75 years, I have yet to see an immigrant, especially illegal, take a job from an American!

    2. They ARE being abused, murdered, and kidnapped at an alarming rate. Central American drug gangs and paramilitary groups force unwilling people to smuggle drugs to save kidnapped family members, young boys and men to be soldiers, and capture/sell girls for human trafficked prostitution. Entire families have been murdered because one member has refused a gang or junta. Corrupt authoritarian regimes siphon off most outside humanitarian aid to line their own pockets and conduct constant war against the juntas, leaving all but the wealthy citizens to starve in squalor. The CIA World Factbook and Amnesty International have detailed information.

  2. Build that Wall No DACA or anything else! These fool’s who already have forced their way over! Who areIllegal’s. Our Welfare system is already overwhelmed! No more Illegal’s or foriegner’s period!

    1. FORCED their way over?
      They’re NOT illegals if their requesting asylum!
      At a legal point of entry!
      You can’t get welfare without a social security number, which few illegals have!
      No foreigners?
      I have a friend born in England, came here at 2 years old, 68 years ago!
      He should leave?
      You’re nothing but a self centered bigot!

  3. These are refugees seeking asylum at a legal point of entry. No invasion. No one breaking the law. A wall would not do anything to help this situation. Once the refugees have legally entered the U.S., they will pay taxes, be issued SS numbers, and be free to work. At present, the pathway to citizenship is as follows — asylum status: 1-2 years, legal resident (green card): ~5 years, application/processing for naturalization: 5-10 years. At the very LEAST, it takes 11 years for someone who legally immigrated to become a citizen — and the entire time that legal immigrant pays taxes.

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