ANOTHER Democrat Caught In Sex Scandal With Staffer

First Katie Hill, now this…

What are the odds that Florida rep. Alcee Hastings blames Republicans for his sex scandal, similar to California’s Katie Hill? High? Extremely high? Or without question, it’ll happen?

For as much as they love to bag on Republicans for anything and everything, it’s quite funny that liberals are the ones who constantly get in trouble for abusing rules and laws. Check this out, via Sun-Sentinel:

The House Ethics Committee said Thursday it is investigating U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings’ relationship with his longtime girlfriend, who is on the government payroll.

The Ethics Committee didn’t identify the staffer in question, but the case clearly refers to Patricia Williams, the deputy director in Hastings’ office in his Broward-Palm Beach County district.

Williams, who is the congressman’s highest-paid staffer, and Hastings have been in a relationship for decades. And critics have raised questions about it for years.

Src: Flag & Cross

  1. Since he and she are in Broward county maybe they can get Scot Peterson and Scott Israel on their protection detail.

    1. ISNt it strange that another DEM. hits the dust. Maybe what ever these people put in their coffee is the cause of so many Democrats having to resign because of sex problems with another. THE dems arent even truthful even when it comes to their illegitimate affairs. Where is this man ALcee Hastings? WHere is Patricia Williams? BOth mixed up in an affair. The Dems integrity is -0. THe dems are trying to kick out our president when it is the Adam SChiff’s and Jerry Nadler’s of the world. Corrupt to the bone.! Lies as they don’t lnow how to speak the trruth. From what I see the DEMS HAVE NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING LEGAL. IT IS ALL MADE UP THEORIES. SCHIFF REALLY DOES NEED TO GO TO HOLLYWOOD AND WRITE SCRIPS. HE IS TERRIBLE WITH THE LIES. I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPNS TO ALL THESE LIARS? BRENNAN. COMEY, CLAPPER, MCCABE, SCHIFFF AND NAADLER. ADAM IS COMING UP FOR RE-ELECTION. I READ WHERE HIS DISTRICT IS , IS A DISTRICT OF GARBAGE, NEEDLES, SYRINGES,POOP, URINE, PEOPLE WHO ARE SO OUT ON DRUGS, THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO FIND A PULSE TO VERIFY IF THE PERSON IS DEAD OR ALIVE? I DONT KNOW HOW THESE PEOPLE, SCHIFF AND NADLER, WILL DARE TO SHOW THEIR FACE…

  2. Alcee Hastings has always been a criminal. But the ding bats that elected him are more stupid than he is knowing he was kicked out of congress before and removed from the bench of being a judge before.

  3. Old Alcee is your garden variety Democrat. He can’t go more than a couple of years without some scandal cropping up, it’s just he is no good at covering his up. It amazes me sometimes that he has stayed in Congress as long has he has.

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