Senior Democrat SPILLS the Beans On AOC

“She is a complete fraud” 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not respected amongst conservatives. That much is obvious.

It’s hard to take a person seriously when they know so little of which they speak.

The thing is, AOC isn’t even taken seriously by members of her own party.

That has to sting but it’s the truth – and the truth hurts.

From Fox News:

House Democrats and their aides are quickly losing patience with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over her office’s nonstop sparring with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other long-serving members, suggesting the speaker’s dismissive comments toward her may represent the view of a growing section of the caucus.

“She is a complete fraud,” one senior Democratic source told Fox News on Friday, succinctly summing up members’ frustration.

“Her peers do not take her seriously,” the senior Democratic source said Friday, adding: “They think it is absurd to call the speaker racist. Offensive and absurd.”

“She is a nobody. She is a freshman member of Congress with no power. She is not worth the speaker’s brainpower,” the source said — accusing her of starting “needless distractions from serious issues,” and skipping meetings and conference calls in favor of media interviews, tweets and “glamour.”

Ocasio-Cortez put on a fake accent while speaking at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference.

It was so, so, so, so bad. Imagine in your head what you think AOC doing a southern accent might sound like, then watch the clip below.

It’s even worse then what you’re thinking.

Check it out…


Src: Flag & Cross

  1. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with being an idiot – cos the State will take care of you and make sure you are in a safe lock-up, hon’.

  2. People know exactly how crazy AOC is. Actually I like her being that stupid because it is actually helping Republicans.

  3. I think a lot of people figured that out about the second time she opened her mouth and nothing but garbage came out and she couldn’t explain what she was talking about. She is being spoon fed, like a 6 month old baby, by the democrat justice organization which is a communist organization for those of you that don’t know. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she was a “complete and total fraud” who should be thrown out of congress. The people who voted her into office should never be allowed to vote again because obviously they have ZERO clue about candidates.

    1. Pelosi is just an older version of AOC but absolutely no different other than she’s a little more eloquent about her lying and deceit towards the American people, but just as brain dead. I will also give to these new retards in congress credit for bringing out the true intentions and exposing the democrat party for what it has always been a socialist/communist party.

  4. They said that about NASTY NANCY PELOSI when she go on a RANT and now we have a NO IT ALL THAT KNOWS NOTHING ! She’s a 29 Year Old HAG and she is as boring and as STUPID as she LOOKS.. IF I had her in my DISTRICT I SURE let someone know how WORTHLESS and HABITUAL LIAR she is .. To me she acts like she is TWO CARD’S SHORT OF A FULL DECK.. And she is NO BETTER THAN HER TWO SISTERS OMAR, TLAIB and WATER’S believe me I think they were made from the same MOLD ! ALL BLOW AND NO SHOW..

  5. This latest comment about AOC trying to effect a southern accent brought to mind Hillary. As I think back there are several times where AOC emulated Hillary one way or another. We already know Cortez has the IQ of a rock but to use Hillary as her role model is too much.

  6. Well AOC is the little darling with Soros that he coaches her on what to do to take our country out. He and the DemonRats are the ones who manufactured the border crisis by getting these people from Central America to march to the border. They paid their expenses and rove jthem to it. I love what POTUS said to these little cry babies. I pray that they get what’s coming to them. Crooked DemonRats are a bunch of criminals themselves. God Bless America and President Trump!!

    1. BULL’S EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Since she blotched the Amazon deal in New York that killed several thousand high paying jobs, nothing should surprise us about what she says or does. If she gfoes one day without saying or something controversial and stupid, she goes into a panic the following day. She continues to provide support for why Congress members are one of the least trusted people around. What a waste of votes.

  9. It is so sad, even pathetic, that the Democrat Party has now fallen SO LOW as to have elected such individuals to represent them in our national government. It is indicative of the crumbling condition of that party, that someone such as this one can be promoted by outsiders and deceive that district’s voters so severely. George Soros is not alone in this particular promotion. The lack of voters familiarizing themselves with candidates adequately prior to Election Day leads to such naive and ignorant decisions as to put an AOC level of candidate into political office. Short of a recall election, the nation is burdened with the consequences such as have been occurring, until at least the next regular Election Day for that office.

    In the case of Ilhan Omar, we have now observed the result of under-controlled immigration leading to a cluster of people from one foreign nation who DO NOT assimilate to become genuine Americans; but rather INSTEAD effectively start a colony bringing their old country’s traits over here. This effect is now FRACTURING these United States, and it is DELIBERATE in such people’s goals. Yes, like Barack Hussein Obama, they want “to fundamentally change America.” They want to DESTROY AMERICA !!!!!

  10. One of the biggest fools in DC, AOC is now channeling (badly I might add) Hillary! God help us all if Hillary is AOC’s “hero”. Too bad there’s no cure for the terminally stupid. Someone should tell AOC to spend some of her salary on elocution lessons; her voice is like a 7-year old’s and as grating as nails down a chalkboard.

  11. Were AOC a Republican, the House Majority would very likely expel such an unqualified and disrespectful freshman member. She is so demonstrably ignorant of business, economics, budgeting, revenue sources, immigration, and border security that it escapes me why anyone would want to interview her or hear her speak. Appears the only ones who do are socialist-Democrats, themselves, and are steadfast in their plan to destroy America and Western Civilization. Where is the outcry revealing the horror of socialism proposed by the far-left, progressive, socialist-Democrats? Folks, fail to stop the foolishness and your grandchildren will be slaves to a government that controls everything. Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for All will be nothing but ancient text. Check-out George Orwell’s book, 1984, a rather accurate description of life under a totalitarian government. If any of you want to live that way, please pack and move to Europe. There is no place for you here in the Land of The Free.

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